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===Ultimate Skills===
===Ultimate Skills===
{{Skill Tabletop}}
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{{Skill Table|[[File:Santa Alice-skill1.png|center|link=Santa Alice/Deadly: Fruity-Kablewey|45px]]|[[Santa Alice/Deadly: Fruity-Kablewey|Deadly: Fruity-Kablewey]]|[[Duelist]],<br>[[Sorcerer]],<br>[[Bard]],<br>[[Ranger]],<br>[[Reaper]]|Holy|Santa Alice tosses a teapot bomb full of fruit tea into the air. When wound up by the Envoy of Gaia, it triggers a huge blast. Decreases the enemy's received Holy DMG and DEF.}}
{{Skill Table|[[File:Santa Alice-skill2.png|center|link=Santa Alice/Deadly: Too Hot To Handle|45px]]|[[Santa Alice/Deadly: Too Hot To Handle|Deadly: Too Hot To Handle]]|[[Guardian]],<br>[[Lancer]],<br>[[Grenadier]],<br>[[Ranger]],<br>[[Brawler]],<br>[[Holy Sword (Class)|Holy Sword]],<br>[[Guitar]]|Holy|Santa Alice and the Envoy of Gaia hurl a scalding hot teapot bomb at the enemy. The scalding tea deals massive damage to the enemy while inflicting the Burned effect and DPS.}}
{{Skill Table|[[File:Santa Alice-skill3.png|center|link=Santa Alice/Deadly: English Cuppa|45px]]|[[Santa Alice/Deadly: English Cuppa|Deadly: English Cuppa]]|[[Ravager]],<br>[[Wizard]],<br>[[Grenadier]],<br>[[Brawler]],<br>[[Ronin]]|Holy|Santa Alice tosses a teapot bomb full of Earl Grey into the air. When wound up by the Envoy of Gaia, it triggers a huge blast. This deals powerful DMG to the enemy, and the bomb-throwers absorb the enemy's HP to restore their own.}}
{{Skill Tableend}}
==Eidolon's Wish==
==Eidolon's Wish==
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