Santa Tyr
Christmas Tyr
Heroic Glory

Santa Tyr
Eidolon Stats
1 Star Stats
A A Cplus Cplus Cplus Cplus

Santa Tyr
Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
Aplus Aplus Cplus Bplus Cplus Cplus

Santa Tyr
Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats
Splus Splus Bplus Aplus Bplus Bplus

Santa Tyr
Eidolon Stats
4 Star Stats

Base: 25 Max: 99
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Onslaught I DMG +8%
2-starbuff Electrical Engineer I Damage of Lightning Skills +15%
3-starbuff Onslaught II DMG +8%
4-starbuff Electrical Engineer II Damage of Lightning Skills +30%
Inherited the title Heroic Glory, Santa Tyr, has not slacked on his training to be the strongest God of War this Christmas. He swore that once he met the only one who has the power that could match his own, he would dedicate everything he has and serve the might existence as a loyal servant.

Matching Santa Tyr's Power of Lightning with the metamorphizing Unique Weapon. He is a mighty Eidolon regardless of the combat mode.


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2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
"No doubt, strength is needed, but a gentle heart is also very important..."
"Your compassion, your wisdom, your hard work... even I, a Heroic Glory, have learnt a lot from you! In the future, I shall accompany you forever."


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Santa Tyr-thunderstrike Thunder strike Attack Electric The energy of Santa Tyr condenses the power of the lightning to give the enemy a powerful attack, causing the enemy to be shocked and comatose.
Santa Tyr-thunderstorm Thunderstorm Attack Electric Santa Tyr caused powerful damage with a blow of lightning, and destroyed the enemy's body with a strong current, reducing the enemy's defense.
Santa Tyr-godofwar God of War Buff Assist Santa Tyr transforms the surrounding electrical energy into a powerful force of God of War, enabling the friendly to increase the damage of damage and lightning properties within a certain period of time.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Santa Tyr-skill1
Deadly: Chained Fury Wizard,
Electric With the assistance of the Envoy of Gaia, Santa Tyr liberated his power and used the chain of lightning to paralyze the enemy and reduce the speed of the enemy.
Santa Tyr-skill2
Deadly: Wrath Blaze Guardian,
Holy Sword,
Electric With the assistance of the Envoy of Gaia, Santa Tyr liberated his power, and ordered the Thunderbolt to give the enemy powerful damage, causing the enemy to hit hard and reduce their dodge.
Santa Tyr-skill3
Deadly: Anger Rumble Bard,
Electric With the assistance of the Envoy of Gaia, Santa Tyr liberates his power, and the powerful current can give the enemy bursting damage, causing the enemy to continue to lose blood.

Eidolon's WishEdit

Santa Tyr Sleigh ResearchEdit

"It's just a normal plank, how can it fly..."
"I'll solve this riddle. I pledge by my name as the God of War..."
"If only I had these research materials..."
"...Did you get these for me?"
"Such a nosy Human...Thank you."

Santa Tyr's Baking MaterialsEdit

"Someone is pining for Christmas cookies..."
"I guess I'll have to find the next ingredient..."
"By the Heroic Glory, I'm sure I'll make it happen!"
"So this is for the Christmas cookie, let's see..."
"Hah! It's done! So this is a gingerbread man!"
"Here you go. Why are you so shocked? You get one too!"

Santa Tyr's Preparations 1Edit

"Hmm, even at a human celebration, I can't slack off!"
"After ample preparations, time to train!"
"...Preparations are always a bother."
"You! When are you going to prepare?"
"I don't intend to thank you!"

Santa Tyr Preparations 2Edit

"That was a mistake. There are partygoers everywhere..."
"This will hinder my training..."
"Am I not prepared? No, the God of War makes no mistakes."
"It's you..."
"You got what I needed easily..."
"I'm not complimenting you! Don't misunderstand!"

Santa Tyr's StockingEdit

"The Christmas stockings in the markets are so thin... Is that okay?"
"It doesn't fit a Heroic Glory's nobility..."
"Aren't there any socks that fit me? INJUSTICE!"
"You're always getting into danger!"
"And always helping me secretly..."
"Well, you have defended my honour..."

Santa Tyr's Christmas VowsEdit

"Santa Claus making wishes come true? That's just a story for kids."
"You should grant your own wishes, like me."
"I have a wish, and I know I must grant it myself..."
"Santa Claus is just a tale told to children..."
"But if you believe in him, I will too."
"I'll be by your side every Christmas."

Eidolon ArchiveEdit

Following table displays archives which include this Eidolon.

Eidolons Stars Stat Bonuses
Santa-Tyr-icon Santa-Ayako-icon
Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar Completestar
  • DMG +180, HP +300, Eidolon Accumulated Points +40
  • SPD +80, EVA +120
  • PEN +2%
  • PEN +4%
Santa Ayako
"Tyr's wearing something sweet-smelling! It's a whole different aroma! I wonder what it could be...?"
Santa Tyr
"You're... curious about some smell? No, stay away! St... stay there!"
Santa Ayako
"It's gingerbread! Did Tyr bake this? Tyr is so talented!"
Santa Tyr
"That's... That's nothing really! I just made it as practice!"
Santa Ayako
"But the gingerbread looks like Ayako... and Tyr too?"
Santa Tyr
"That... was just an accident! Stop talking! Eat it quick!"
Santa Lumikki-icon Santa-Ayako-icon Santa-Tyr-icon
Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar Completestar
  • DMG +270, CRIT +120, Eidolon Accumulated Points +60
  • SPD +120, HP +450, DEF +60, EVA +180
  • DMG Taken from Boss Monsters -7%
  • DMG Taken from Boss Monsters -14%
Santa Lumikki
"Hmm... okay, I guess... I'm lost... What is this place? If I leave a trail of candy... Will someone find me? Sniff..."
Santa Ayako
"Ooh, Ayako smells something sweet!"
Santa Tyr
"Ayako, why did you run off in the middle of your exercise! You can't just run off into the snow like that, you'll get lost! Yes? This isn't..."
Santa Lumikki
"Oh... It's little Ayako and Tyr! I'm so lost... This is getting scary..."
Santa Ayako
"Don't be afraid! Tyr is so tough. He never worries about getting lost! We should just stick with Tyr."
Santa Tyr
"You can compliment me all you want, it's not going to win me over! Now quit messing around. Let's get back to the city quickly."
Santa Lumikki
"Wow, really? Tyr might actually be a prince charming!" Ok Ayako, you can have this candy.
Santa Ayako
"Ooh! Candy!"
Santa Alice-icon Santa-Ayako-icon Santa-Tyr-icon
Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar Completestar
  • SPD +120, EVA +180, Eidolon Accumulated Points +60
  • DMG +270, CRIT +120, HP +450, DEF +60
  • DMG Dealt to Players +9%
  • DMG Dealt to Players +18%
Santa Alice
"Alice's Christmas Tea Party is about to start! Have a seat!"
Santa Ayako
"Wow! Smells so good, and soooo much food!"
Santa Tyr
"Ayako! You skipped out on your training just because the food smells so good?"
Santa Alice
"Oh! Here come Ayako and Tyr! I've made plenty of refreshments! Let's have a cozy chat over afternoon-tea!"
Santa Ayako
"Well, well, well. Refreshments are pretty good, but there's not a trace of meat here, I'm afraid."
Santa Tyr
"The purpose of an afternoon tea is for friends to catch up while having tea and a moderate amount of snacks."
Santa Ayako
"Ohh... I'm a bit disappointed about missing the meat, but nothing can keep me away from the other tasty stuff Alice made!"
Santa Alice
"Hehe... Of course I've made meat dishes, too! Just be patient and wait for the Christmas Party tonight! There'll be lots of Roast Chickens and snacks for everyone!"
Santa Ayako
"Wow! I can't wait to eat all day long nonstop!"
Santa Tyr
"Ohhh... alright, go do all your eating and then we'll restart training."

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 聖誕堤爾 (Christmas Tyr)
Aura Kingdom (French) Santa Tyr


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