Sea Angler's Bracers

Cannot trade.
Character Level 40 and Above
Fishing Gear Durability +70
Line Strength +17
Reeling Speed +14
Rod Strength +11
Stamina of Prey -0.8%
Sea Angler's Set (0/4)
Sea Angler's Hat
Sea Angler's Vest
Sea Angler's Sandals
Sea Angler's Bracers
2-Piece Bonus:
Maximum HP increased by 136.
Set Bonus:
Max HP +177
"The fishermen in Port Skandia would wear these bracers every day - if their wives let them!"

This is tier two fishing equipment with a focus on speed, capable of catching grey, white, green, or blue quality fish.
After equipping this item, you'll be able to catch speedy fish.

Costs 150Token, Sell price 1Silver

Obtain fromEdit

Port Skandia: Angler's Anonymous Merchant Seth

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