Seaweed-covered Ancient Relic

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade.
Completely covered in seaweed, there's no way to tell exactly what this relic is off the bat, but you get a feeling that it's something valuable.

Obtained fromEdit

Icon Name
Coppersharkking Copper Shark King
Fish-kingsandcrab King Sand Crab
Fish-rainbowsalmon Rainbow Salmon
Fish-waterfallcatfish Waterfall Catfish
Fish-eternalwisdomelder Eternal Wise Crab
Fish-ironcladswordfish Ironclad Swordfish
Fish-starlightpufferfish Starlight Pufferfish
Fish-phantomdevilfish Phantom Devilfish
Fish-midnightsilverside Midnight Silverside


Items that can be obtained by opening a Seaweed-covered Ancient Relic are:

Icon Name
Trophy-ancientmaskofthewindspirit Ancient Mask of the Wind Spirit
Trophy-ancienttemplarsmedalofhonor Ancient Templar's Medal of Honor
Trophy-ancientmaskofthedarkoccultist Ancient Mask of the Dark Occultist
Trophy-ancientthundergodssoulcrystal Ancient Thunder God's Soul Crystal
Trophy-ancientfrozenskull Ancient Frozen Skull
Trophy-ancientfangofthefiredragon Ancient Fang of the Fire Dragon
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