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{{Gallery Page|Serena_3-star_book_content.jpg|size=350px}}
Serena Illustration.jpg|An illustration of Serena from TW AK
Serena TW Patcher.jpg|Serena 3-Star Fullbody Portrait
Serena book content.jpg|Inside Serena's book
Serena Swimsuit book content.JPG|Serena's swimsuit
Serena Beachwear Book.png|Inside Serena's (Swimsuit) book
Serena 3-star.jpg|Serena 3 star
Serena 3-star book content.jpg|Ditto
Serena3star-facialexpressions.jpg|Serena (3 star) facial expressions
Neko!Aelius!.JPG|Serena seem to "adore" this Kitten Aelius...
Serena Christmas.jpg|Serena Christmas Image
Serena 3-star Launcher.JPG|Serena 3-star appearing on TWAK Launcher
==Alternative Names==
==Alternative Names==

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Moonlight Maiden

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