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|name = Serena
|name = Serena
|icon = SerenaIcon.png
|icon = SerenaIcon.png
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==Eidolon's Wish==
==Eidolon's Wish==
|missing = Wishes}}
|missing = Conversation}}
===Serena's Picture Book I===
===Serena's Picture Book I===
* Item required: [[Star Obsidian]] x2.
* Item required: [[Star Obsidian]] x2.
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: ''"Master! I heard... I heard you gave Serena's key fragments to someone else!"''
: ''"Master! I heard... I heard you gave Serena's key fragments to someone else!"''
: ''"How... how could you do such a thing?"''
: ''"How... how could you do such a thing?"''
: ''"-"''
: ''"???"''
==Eidolon Conversations==
: ''"Dance with me!!"''
: ''"I will try harder!"''
: ''"Don't try to touch my ears while I am connecting!"''
: ''"Thanks to your support, I can easily finish connecting."''
====High Eidolon Energy====
: ''"Did you know the heroes of old wrote the secrets of their [[mastery]] in books? If you find them, they could make your skills even stronger."''
: ''"I really admire those who risk their lives to heal others. They are the greatest!"''
: ''"The weather is foul, so make sure you bundle up! I don't want you catching a cold!"''
: ''"Hehe, do you think of me often?"''
: ''"You're so good to me. What can I do for you in return?"''
: ''"From now on, you can only summon me. Deal?"''
: ''"Your favorite Eidolon is me, right?"''
: ''"I wonder if humans and Eidolons can fall in love with each other."''
: ''"I'm really happy to just chat with you. It'll be great if everything could be like this forever..."''
: ''"You belong to me! I won't let anyone else have you!"''
====Low Eidolon Energy====
: ''"You haven't talked to me in so long. I've been so sad lately..."''
: ''"Whenever I see you it makes me really happy!"''
: ''"I always feel so lonely when I don't see you..."''
: ''"I like you... I just think I'm too much for you."''
: ''"I'm so glad that you still want to talk with me! I was worried I'd upset you..."''
: ''"Are you here to console me?"''
|missing = Conversations}}
'''"Tell me about the Creation Myth?"'''
: ''"Uhh... I don't know..."''
: ''"Do you know? Tell me!"''
'''"What's the story of how the world began?"'''
: ''"I heard that the [[Cube of Gaia]] is the source of everything."''
: ''"But no one knows where the Cube came from."''
'''"Do you know the Goddess of the Moon?"'''
: ''"I have never met the Moon Goddess. But I know she is a goddess, living in the eastern world."''
: ''"I have never met her. But I really envy her."''
: ''"I also want a rabbit! a pharmacist rabbit!"''
'''"How did I look when I fought <Insert Elite Monster Name>?"'''
: ''"You were awesome against <Elite Monster>!"''
: ''"I think I got distracted and missed my attack."''
'''"I hear that every place has its own unique, famous dish?"'''
: ''"Is there any cuisine cooked with carrots?"''
: ''"If there is, you must bring some for me!"''
'''"What's special about [[Port Skandia]]?"'''
: ''"I remember there's a huge lighthouse!"''
'''"Which animals do you like the most?"'''
: ''"Well... I like all kinds of animals."''
: ''"But still, bunnies are my favourite!"''
'''"Do you know that every place has its local specialties?"'''
: ''"I often smell something nice. I imagine it must also taste delicious."''
'''"I would like to know information about the [[Auction House|auction house]]."'''
: ''"I know a place where you can buy a lot of carrots."''
'''"What's in the book?/What is the book in your hand?"'''
: ''"This is not an ordinary book, it's my sketchbook."''
: ''"Huh?! It's... it's a dictionary!"''
: ''"The dictionary is very, very boring... You won't be interested in it!"''
'''"What kind of person do you like?"'''
: ''"I love rabbits and carrots!"''
'''"Do you like reading?"'''
: ''"This is not a book. This is... is... Whatever! But it's not a book!"''
'''"Do you like books?"'''
: ''"I don't like books. Books give me a headache."''
'''"Would you allow me to sit on your moon?"'''
: ''"You're too big for it. I worry it will break."''
'''"May I sit on your moon?"'''
: ''"Huh? You want to sit on my moon?"''
: ''"But... It's only designed for me!"''
'''"Can I touch your tail?"'''
: ''"Well... Then I get to touch you!"''
'''I want to touch your ears.'''
: ''"Uhh... The Mother Goddess said they are untouchable..."''
: ''"but if it's you... I guess it would be fine."''
'''"What food do you like the most?"'''
: ''"Anything from you, I like."''
: ''"Carrots from you are my favourite!"''
'''"Do you have any tricks for winning battles?"'''
: ''"Ha! As if I'm going to tell you ALL of my secrets..."''
: ''"I'm not that easy, you know."''
'''"Do you have a preference among seasons?"'''
: ''"I also want to know your favorite season! You first!"''
'''"Tell me some interesting tidbits about the Eidolons./I wanna know the secrets of other Eidolons."'''
: ''"[[Tigerius Caesar]] is my good friend. Some times he carries me to catch the wind!"''
: ''"[[Grimm]] is so tiny and cute! I want him as my own Eidolon... can I do that?"''
: ''"I don't like [[Kotonoha]]! Hum!"''
'''"Are you and [[Aelius]] siblings?/I heard that Aelius and you are brother and sister."'''
: ''"Younger Brother? What kind of brother would mislead his own sister making such a horrible mistake?"''
: ''"I don't have such a brother! And I don't want to!"''
: ''"Brother? I have no brother! After that shot, my brother was already dead."''
: ''"The guy you're talking about was only someone who looks like my brother."''
'''"Why won't you meet Aelius?"'''
: ''"Did. You. Mention. Aelius?"''
: ''"How dare such a despicable and shameless pest want to see me?"''
'''"How old are you?"'''
: ''"Hmm... Did [[Kotonoha]] put you up to this?"''
: ''"It must be her! She likes playing jokes on me!"''
'''"I heard you are quite old."'''
: ''"Well... That's a secret..."''
'''"When do you normally go to bed?/Do you always go to bed late?"'''
: ''"I don't know... I am going to bed."''
: ''"Hmm... I'm tired..."''
'''"What's so special about [[Fame Quests]]?"'''
: ''"I know! Fame Quest Bulletin Boards in different regions have various fame quests."''
'''"Have you thought about your life after we part ways?"'''
: ''"I just want to stay with you."''
'''"What's your plan after we part ways?"'''
: ''"I'll do whatever you say! Please don't leave me!"''
*Serena is based on [ Artemis], for instance known as the Hellenic goddess of the hunt and wild animals.
{{Gallery Page|Serena_3-star_book_content.jpg|size=350px}}
{{Gallery Page|Serena_3-star_book_content.jpg|size=350px}}
Serena is based on [ Artemis], known as the Hellenic goddess of the hunt and wild animals.
==Alternative Names==
==Alternative Names==

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Moonlight Maiden

Eidolon Stats
1 Star Stats
Cplus Cplus B B A B

Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
Cplus B Bplus B Aplus Bplus

Serena 3star
Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats
A A S A S Aplus

Base: 25 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff No Surpises I Chance to suffer Critial Hit -25%
2-starbuff Essence of Life I MAX HP +10%
3-starbuff Essence of Life II MAX HP +20%
4-starbuff {{{buff4 name}}} {{{buff4 effect}}}

Serena travels the night sky on her giant moon, sketching the world as she sees it below. She is the sister of the Eidolon Aelius but their relations seem to be on rocky ground. Nevertheless, her lunar magic always shines bright to illuminate allies' way to victory.

Single Target: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Area of Effect: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Defensive: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Evasive: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar
Heal: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Support: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Serena-fallingstar Falling Star Attack Light Serena plucks a star from the sky and hurls it at her foes, dealing Holy damage and causing further damage over time.
Serena-lunarblessing Lunar Blessing Attack Serena calls upon the power of the moon to defend and heal nearby allies.
Serena-bindingmoonlight Binding Moonlight Attack Light Serena directs moonlight onto the enemy, dealing Holy DMG and locking away it's ability to be healed.

Ultimate Skills

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