A list of all conversations between the Envoy and Serif.

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"Ha! Piece of cake!"
"Relax, I'll have some great stuff before you know it!"
"Patience! I need just a bit more time..."
"Phew! That was quite the challenge..."


High Eidolon Energy
"Now that I've seen your skills in action, I have no doubt that you're the person I want to follow."
"The rate that you're growing at is surprising everyone."
"Just make your attack. I'll be by your side, supporting you."
"Whatever you ask of me, I'll definitely try my best!"
"You chose me from among many Eidolons. That means we have a special connection, right?"
"I admire your good judgement!"
"Don't worry about my feelings. Just do what you want to do."
"Your safety is more important to me than my own life."
"It doesn't matter whether it's human or Eidolons. Just trust your partner and communicate!"
"I'm willing to take any enemy with you!"
Medium Eidolon Energy
"So good to see you again. Let's chat, shall we?"
"'sup? Anything I can help you with?"
"I hate weird stuff most. Isn't it great to have an ordinary life?"
"You chose me from among many Eidolons. That means we have a special connection, right?"
"I always see you alone. Wouldn't it be more interesting to go out and make some friends?"
"If you're having trouble getting through a dungeon, try bringing a few friends along!"
"Gotta spend some time getting familiar with the village."
"What do you do when you're not out adventuring?"
"When we have some time, we should sit down and share our thoughts."
"If you want to change your weapons, you should visit a weapon merchant. You might score some Blue-quality equipment!"
"I really admire those who know how to use Dual Pistols! They're a powerful weapon combination that can be used to disrupt and attack at the same time!"
Low Eidolon Energy
"You seem a bit distant lately. Is something wrong?"
"Did I disappoint you? If so, I will try to do better."
"Am I... am I too weak to be your partner?"
"Are you starting to dislike me?"
"Come on, don't ignore me..."
"If you don't need me, please don't summon me."


"What's your biggest fear?" / "What are you afraid of?"
"I don't think that being afraid means you are weak,"
"I think it means you understand your limitations."
"Afraid or not, I know I've gotta go all out and give a fight my best."
"My strength comes from my friends."
"My greatest fear is that something bad might happen to them."
"Fear is a natural response to dangerous situations, and it can help keep you safe."
"Just don't let your fears control you!"
"What's the secret to getting along with people?" / "How should I manage my relationships with other people?"
"It's best to be honest with others,"
"just like how you and I are!"
"It's tough when you don't know much about someone..."
"Maybe you should ask them about their hobbies!"
"Nothing is perfect, so don't force it if it isn't working out. You can't get along with everyone!"
"Just be yourself! That's all anyone can do."
"If they don't like the real you, then what's the point?"
"What's your advice for going up against strong enemies?" / "How do you handle a tough opponent?"
"You need to go up against bigger baddies if you want to get stronger!"
"But don't get discouraged if you get whooped. Hone your skills and then try again!"
"Even the toughest enemy will have a weakness. Try watching the enemy for a bit to see how they fight."
"You might be able to figure out their weakness before you even engage them."
"You can beat up any tough guy so long as you have the right partner! Hint, hint..."
"If you're in over your head, get those feet moving and get out of there!"
"There's no shame in running from a fight you can't win. Valor isn't all that useful if it gets you killed!"
"What do you think it means to be courageous?" / "How would you define courage?"
"To be courageous is to persevere in the face of adversity!"
"Don't let anyone deter you from your goals! Fight for what you believe in!"
"Courage is smiling even when things are at their worst."
"Courage is doing your best to protect the ones you love."
"Real courage is facing the things you fear,"
"rather than pretending that you aren't afraid."
"What should someone do when they make a mistake?" / "What's the best way to apologize?"
"It's best to fess up when you've made a mistake."
"If you lie to protect yourself, you're undermining the trust those people had in you."
"If you don't apologize, then things will just get worse."
"If you're sincere, you'll find forgiveness."
"A person who's willing to apologize is a brave person. Being able to acknowledge your mistakes is a noble trait."
"It's not always about right or wrong. People can have different yet perfectly valid views on a subject."
"Try to consider things from the other side!"
"Do you like all creatures?" / "Tell me about your views on life."
"They say all life comes from the Cube of Gaia."
"So, in that case, all life must be equal. Everything is a unique existence that cannot be replaced."
"I like to interact with all kinds of creatures! Even without a common language, we can still communicate."
"All life should be respected. Even those obnoxious bunnyhops..."
"It frustrates me that so few creatures can get along with one another."
"If we could take the time to better understand one another, I think this would be a more peaceful world."
"Tell me about the Cube of Gaia." / "What do you know about the Cube of Gaia?"
"It's said that the Cube of Gaia is buried somewhere,"
"and the energy emanating from it is responsible all sorts of miraculous things."
"The legend says that the Cube of Gaia was used to create the Aura Kingdom, a perfect paradise."
"There's no pain or sorrow there, just endless and eternal joy."
"The energy from the Cube of Gaia is a vital part of this world."
"The people with the ability to channel that energy are known as the Envoys of Gaia."
"There are so many mysteries about how our many worlds came to be... There's so much that we still don't understand."
"I want to know more about Masteries." / "What can you tell me about Mastery?"
"Masteries provide useful boosts to your combat skills!"
"As you continue to increase in level, you'll automatically gain new Masteries!"
"Keep an eye out for Tokens! You'll get them for completing certain quests."
"Once you have a bunch, talk to your Class Master in Navea. They'll teach you advanced Masteries in exchange for Tokens."
"You're really something! They say only the greatest heroes can achieve Mastery."
"Tell me about equipment." / "I want to learn more about weapons and armor."
"The staff is a powerful weapon, allowing you to manipulate the raw elemental forces of the world."
"Be on the lookout for treasure chests dropped by enemies. You might find something rare and powerful!"
"Your weapons will wear down after a while. Don't forget to bring it in for repairs!"
"The Great Axe a great way to deal out a ton of damage in a short amount of time!"
"How do I send messages to people?" / "Can you tell me about mail and private chat?"
"You can easily send items and money to your buddies through the mail system."
"If a message is rejected, it'll be saved for ten days. If you don't reclaim it by then, you'll lose any items or money attached to it!"
"You can switch to Private Chat by clicking the "R" button on the lower left hand corner of the Message Interface!"
"Remember to be polite! Nobody likes a jerk."
"What is that combat style you use?" / "What's so special about your battle technique?"
"I invented this style myself! It's so fresh I haven't even named it yet!"
"Why don't you help me think of a name?"
"I combined martial arts and Lightning to create a rather... shocking set of techniques."
"I can even paralyze giant monsters with it!"
"As a spirit, I'm not constrained by gravity. I can attack from any angle!"
"Hah! I knew you'd notice! My Electrical Storm attack is pretty awesome, isn't it?"
"Did you design your outfit yourself?" / "Tell me about your outfit."
"Don't I look stylish?"
"The ingenious color coordination and stunning design has earned top marks from everyone who's seen it!"
"Hah! Some people have said that this outfit makes me look like an elegant (and dashing) transfer student from abroad!"
"This custom design is both form-fitting and aerodynamic, allowing me to kick butt in style!"
"What, do you think it looks bad?"
"Be honest! I'm really good at handling constructive criticism. (Meanie...)"
"What allows you to float like that?" / "Can I fly like you do?"
"It's very important to watch your weight; you definitely won't be able to fly if you're too heavy!"
"That's why I'm very careful about what I eat and drink. Why don't you give that a try?"
"I remember being told that these gizmos on my arms help me float."
"If there were any more of them in existence, you could give them a try!"
"You need to be streamlined and aerodynamic."
"Like… like..."
"Just like my hair! It was styled in a wind tunnel!"
"Gravity is all mental. Just focus hard enough and you'll be able to break free of it!"
"Are you friends with Merrilee?" / "What do you think about Merrilee?"
"W-Who told you about Merrilee? I deny everything!"
"Merrilee's hard to tell her how I feel."
"Sigh... Merrilee is so dreamy... I'm smitten..."
"Man, what I wouldn't give to go out on a date with Merrilee!"
"What can you tell me about the other Eidolons?" / "Have you heard any rumors about other Eidolons?"
"I haven't had the chance to chat with other Eidolons lately... Be sure to bring me along if you meet any of them!"
"Alessa's Horn Skewer ability deals all sorts of Holy damage!"
"I can't imagine what it'd be like to have such a powerful weapon growing out of my head."
"Why, what have you heard? Did Merrilee say anything about me?"
"What? No, it's nothing. Really. I was just curious, that's all!"
"I like chatting with Grimm a lot! He's really optimistic and always finds nice things to say!"
"He's perfect to talk to when I'm not feeling so confident."
"How does it feel to manipulate electricity like you do?" / "How does it feel to generate lightning?"
"Electricity is no different to me than air or blood. My entire body is like a battery!"
"As a bonus, I can move just as quick as lightning can! Zoom!"
"Because electricity is second nature to me, I sometimes forget just how strong it can be."
"Sometimes I get surprised by how powerful my attacks are! ...But I'm not bragging."
"Generating lightning feels a heckuva lot better than getting struck by it!"
"Sometimes it's a bit tingly, like when your foot falls asleep."
"What are those rings around your arms?" / "Can you tell me about those rings you wear on your arms?"
"These bad boys don't just look good - they're where my strength comes from!"
"They let me pull electricity out of the air, store it up, and then release it in attacks. Neat, huh?"
"I don't know if they have a name, I've always just called them my Power Rings."
"They give me the ability to fly, and they also let me store up electrical energy."
"An excellent question! These two power rings are the source of my power!"
"I've just always had them. No one has been able to tell me who made them or even where they came from."
"Why do you keep looking at the forest?" / "How do you feel about the forest?"
"Forests make me happy! I love the soft breezes that drift through the trees."
"Ah... it feels so good..."
"I feel at peace when I watch a tree swaying in the wind."
"It makes me long to sit under those trees with a loved one, talking and laughing the day away."
"I try and talk to the woodland creatures whenever I can."
"They always have the most unusual gossip!"
"Flying through the forest relaxes me! I can drift for hours without a care in the world."
"How is it that you are always so full of life?" / "Why are you always so energetic?"
"I get my energy from my optimism!"
"What's the point of getting tired when so many wonderful things are just waiting to be found?"
"Adventuring with you always fills me with energy."
"Our bond of friendship is the source of my power!"
"Ha! I adore the fact that every day brings new discoveries and experiences!"
"With this much curiosity, it's difficult to ever be tired! Or bored!"
"I get tired just like anyone else. I'll rest for 10 minutes or so a day. It seems like such a waste, though..."
"What would you do if we separated?" / "This adventure can't go on forever. What do you do afterwards?"
"Split up? You can be such a downer sometimes! Yeesh..."
"I suppose if we had to part ways, I'd always hold onto the memory of our time together."
"If you were gone, I'd try and find Merr... Uh... No, nevermind. Forget I said anything."
"I'd be sad, but I wouldn't let that keep me down! I'd still travel the world and try and help those in need."
"It's not like we'd never see one another again, right? Our friendship goes too deep to just disappear like that."
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