The Sky Realm is an ultimate dungeon consisting of currently 4 levels in the game. It is connected to the Sky Tower.


The seal that the Church placed on the Sky Tower has been damaged by a mysterious power. The memories and energies previously contained in the Tower have since formed a strange realm outside of it. Proceed to the Sky Realm! Let us protect the world and do battle against this unknown power!


Just like the Sky Tower, Sky Realm is a 40-player instance that continues the tales of the Sky Tower but in a different perspective.

Sky Realm has the following schedule:

  • Thursdays:
    • 10.00 - 10.30 EST (Group 1-5)
    • 15.00 - 15.30 EST (Group 6-10)
    • 20.00 - 20.30 EST (Group 11-15)
  • Fridays:
    • 10.00 - 10.30 EST (Group 1-30)
    • 15.00 - 15.30 EST (Group 31-60)
    • 20.00 - 20.30 EST (Group 61-90)

To enter the Sky Realm, talk to the NPC "Sky Tower Guard Barry" in Navea (X:345 Y:470), or talk to the NPCs in Ventos Prairie (X:155 Y:765), Oblitus Wood (X:465 Y:215), or Star Sand Desert (X:310 Y:120). The Sky Tower Clerk always appeared starting from Ventos Prairie and they are always stationed near the portal.

Players can also enter Sky Realm directly through a button by the mini map. To reach the UI, simply select "Sky Realm" on the upper-left button.


Sky Realm NPC

Sky Tower UI

UI shortcut on map

Raid GroupEdit

Sky Realm currently has 4 levels which get progressively more difficult the further you go, and is full of challenging enemies and rare and powerful rewards for the dedicated. This raid is not for your Eidolon- instead you must depend on the teamwork and cooperation of other players.


Sky Realm UI

Players are able to revive in Sky Realm up to 10 times, at which point they will be removed from the dungeons. Also, the raid got a time limit of 30 minutes to complete all the levels before they get kicked out. One Envoy has only one entry per day; only on the days it is open.

Private Guild Raids can be created at the cost of 5 gold. Also, if the Envoy does not enter within 10 minutes after the raid starts, the Envoy will automatically be expelled from the raid.

Story Edit

Each story consists of continuation or prologue to the story.

On the first floor, you will met with Aveline again who desperately making attempt to revive Heath that was not Vachnam.

Second floor, you will met with Fenrir which was told before the meeting with the chef itself.

Third floor, you will met with Hel and Jormungand after what Bealdor had done to Gram.

Last floor contains memories on how Scheele becomes a Grim Reaper.



The grand treasure chest

Treasures and rewards will be given after successfully clearing the floor. Each floor will give out better rewards to players.


Location Type - Instance   Dungeons
Regular Alabastren Temple (28+)Gydaie Glen (38+)Miner's Steppe (43+)Deep's Cavern (48+)Candeo Core (48+)Wrathborne Temple (53+)Ghostweep Cave (53+)Ozymand Temple (53+)Titan's Root (66+)Cadilla Felwood (66+)Frozenlea Plains (70+)Twilight Forest (75+)Tomb of the Ancients (80+)Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory (80+)
Otherworld Otherworld: Port Skandia (50+)Otherworld: Helonia Coast (60+)Otherworld: Crescent Hill (60+)Otherworld: Emerald Marsh (75+)
Otherworld: Alabastren Temple (60+)Otherworld: Gydaie Glen (60+)Otherworld: Miner's Steppe (60+)Otherworld: Deep's Cavern (70+)Otherworld: Candeo Core (70+)Otherworld: Titan's Root (75+)Otherworld: Cadilla Felwood (75+)Otherworld: Twilight Forest (80+)
Abyssal Infernal Abyss (55+)Whirlpool Abyss (60+)Avarice Abyss (75+)Vault of Eternity - Great Hall (80+)
Lament of the Thunder-Dragon King (65+)Landing of the Sky Dragon King (65+)Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen (65+)Tempestuous Temple (70+)Pyroclastic Purgatory (70+)Thunder Temple of the Underworld Baroness (75+)Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal (75+)
Special Sky Tower (60+)Sky Realm (70+)
Temple of the Eidolons (30+)Gaia's Sanctuary (70+)Gaia's Sanctuary - Trial (75+)
Dimensional Hall (20-75)Fight Club (50+)Subterranean Ruins (50-70)Monster Research Institute (50-60)
Hall of Philae (65+)Duelists' Temple (65+)
Misc. Ruins Cave (1+)Hidden Cave (1+)South-West Helonia Mountain Cave (8+)North Helonia Mountain Cave (8+)Former Site of Lunarin Village (18+)
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