Sky Tower is a forty-player dungeon conceptualized to have up to 100 floors. It was introduced in February 11th, 2014.


The Sky Tower was a product from the combination of magic and mechanics, built during the era of the first Grand Bishop. The tower contains a vast spectrum of relics and weaponry, which was protected by magic barriers under the Grand Bishop's order. But due to the unique magical energy the tower is imbued with, it created fierce phantoms of various ancient creatures to protect the bounties.

On the 100th floor, it reaches the clouds. Legends say that is where the most famous relic, the all-curing panacea, is protected by the strongest beast in the tower.

The tower had not been opened by anyone for the past century due to the extermination of an entire military investigation team inside the tower. As for now, the current Grand Bishop is the only one who knows the password of the tower, and the only one who can open it.

It is also said to stretch into another dimension. Though for now, that is unconfirmed.



Sky Tower NPC

The Sky Tower available during the weekend, consisting of 90 different raid groups spread out through out the day: 10 AM, 3 PM, and 8 PM EST. Registration time will take place one hour before the dungeon opens.

Sky Tower UI

UI shortcut on map

To enter Sky Tower, talk to a Sky Tower NPC such as Barry or directly through a button by the mini map.

When clearing Floor 20, a mail from Barry will be delivered to all players in the raid who defeated the grand chest. On Friday, the Envoys are qualified to enter Floor 21 and up. These floors are packed with better drops, but are much more difficult compared to the previous floors.

The schedules are 10 AM, 3 PM and 8 PM EST and one character can only enter one schedule for one day.

Raid GroupEdit

RaidUI New

Sky Tower UI

The player can select your raid group once this UI window pops up. This can be accessed by talking to the NPC first.

Sky Tower currently has 30 levels which get progressively more difficult the further you go, and is full of challenging enemies and rare and powerful rewards for the dedicated. This raid is not for your Eidolon- instead you must depend on the teamwork and cooperation of other players.

Players are able to revive in Sky Tower up to 15 times, at which point they will be removed from the dungeons. Also, there is a time limit of 2 hours before the dungeon kicks everyone out.

Players can also create guild raids, where players have to enter a 4-digit code to register. When entering, 5 gold are also required.



The grand treasure chest

Once the floor has been successfully cleared, a grand treasure chest will appear in the middle of the floor. The chest will have a shield for about 10 seconds which reduces damage by ninety percent/reduces damage greatly, allowing people to it the chest. Once defeated, the chest will drop three rewards.

A common system used among guild raids is the calling of the numbers "1" and "2" in the region chat whenever the treasure chest appears:

  1. Hit the chest once and stop attacking (by clicking `Esc`, by default)
  2. To start attacking again.

This is done to secure loot for those who have died and let them respawn to attack the chest. Treasure charms and Azurian Stone Boosts work on the chests.

The higher the floor, the better the rewards become. This can, for instance, include yellow-grade weapons, Potions, Masteries, Eidolon Key Fragments, Azurian Point Crystals and Enchantment Boxes.


Days Divisions Floors Time (EST)
Weekends1-301-20F10:00 - 12:00 AM
Weekends31-601-20F15:00 - 17:00 PM
Weekends61-901-20F20:00 - 22:00 PM
Fridays1-3021-35F10:00 - 12:00 AM
Fridays31-6021-35F15:00 - 17:00 PM
Fridays61-9021-35F20:00 - 22:00 PM


Chapter 1: Exploring Outside the World of HumanityEdit

The story told about the human who decide to explore the world outside their realms.

Chapter 1-1: Expedition Edit

First Floor - The World outside The World
The Border Investigation Team has dedicated themselves to exploring other worlds. However, it seems that our world isn't the only investigating...
Second Floor - The Cost of Exploration
The discovery of a Mechanical Core - and the activation of its defenses - caused severe damage to the team. It appears that curiosity has its cost.
Third Floor - Final Battle At Eastern Forest
With people on the roads being attacked, Arthur has no choice but to gather warriors and launch an attack against those fearsome nature spirits!
Fourth Floor - The Imprisoned King
After being imprisoned for a hundred years, the King of the Forest is free! His rage will now be unleashed upon the Humans who stand before him!
Fifth Floor - The Abandoned Creature
The meddling of Gammon has created a monster. Can this once pure-hearted creature be redeemed, or will it bring nothing but ruin to the future?
Sixth Floor - The Stolen Homeland
In a war between the Humans and the Fairies, who is truly just?

Chapter 1-2: Ogre vs Ogre Edit

Seventh Floor - The Challenge Letter For Peace
To establish peace between their tribes, Prince Gareth has challenged Bloodshot Karka, the Cyclops King. Can he prevail?
Eighth Floor - King vs King
Prince Gareth has defeated Karka's strongest champions. Can he defeat Bloodshot Karka himself, however?

Gareth was lauded by the warlocks, Amalita and Voltaire and blessing Garreth. After had enough talk, Karka decide to fight him.

Chapter 1-3: Adventurer's Journey and encountering Leanne Edit

Ninth Floor - The Invisible Giant Dragon
Leanne has a problem. A dragon is stalking her! Wherever she goes, it brings destruction. Oddly, though, she can't find it! What is she to do?

Envoy must group together to defeat the Rampaging Fire Spirit by taking the water spell from Giant Water Spirit and use it on Rampaging Fire Spirit. Once all of them have been neutralized, the treasure reward will appear.

Tenth Floor - The Missing Tribe
Was the disappearance of an entire species a simple quirk of nature or a systematic annihilation? The facts remain hidden in the shadows of history...

However Envoy must now fight Leanne and quickly defeat her before the dragon servants heals and buff her.

Chapter 2: Price of True LoveEdit

The story tells about Margaret who seek revenge and Heath who kept his oath to protect her by any means necessary until Margareth transformed into Aveline and Heath transformed to Vachnam.

Eleventh Floor - In the name of the Guarding Ominous Flame
What would you give up for love? Money? Time? Your family? Your humanity?

Heath saw Margareth who turned into a monster, she first denying him but he know that Aveline was her. She was about to attack him but he stop her that he recognize her. Despite Margaret was turned to Aveline for revenge, he always loved her no matter who she is and that where he decide to seek power as well. He went to where he will offer himself as sacrifice to get more power and the Stone Guard gave him trial by defeating four elements which is Flame Stone Guard, Dark Stone Guard, Storm Stone Guard and .

On this floor, Envoy must split up to four groups and Envoy must defeat all elementals and the time window for ressurection is less than ten seconds. If Envoy did not defeat all of them, they will just keep coming back and all of them must be eliminated

Twelfth Floor - Monsters and Humans
Tavana watched Avenguire daily. Sadly, her monstrous features terrified others, forcing her to question her identity; was she a human or a monster?

She monited Tavana everyday and eventually a hunters come to ambush her.

For this level, Envoy must defeat Aveline and must defeat the Elemental scattered around the field and neutralize it to disable her invisible barrier. When the guardian is found she will lose her damage resistance.

Thirteenth Floor - Stubborn Love
A tale of revenge began... Could a strange love find a way to survive?

Aveline this time is dueling Vachnam who previously as Heath, for this level Envoy must defeat Vachnam and quickly defeat parts of him to prevent them from healing Vachnam. After defeating them all, continue fighting but beware of falling rocks.

Fourteenth Floor - Prelude of Hatred
Tavana's arrival, the fall of Gogen, and the birth of Avonguire... Could this be fate?

Tavana drains Gogen's resident blood which only leaving Margaret as the last survivor. She mourn her parents death and swore revenge for her parents. It is then she went to search for power and a staff is calling for her. When she receive it, she start transforming into Aveline and the Simelings around her start appearing.

For this floor, Envoy must defeat the Crossbreed bat while defending others off while retrieve that the bat dropped and hand it to Aveline to recover her health.

Fifteenth Floor - The Grand Finale
It is time to put an end to this long tale of revenge. The song of mourning will be played on this day...

Meeting with Tavana, Vachnam challenge her ahead but he was no match for her and easily defeated. Later Aveline arrive and she got enraged She chant some ancient dragon spell which Tavana doesn't want to take it lightly and the battle starts.

For this floor, Envoy must defeat Tavana before she consumes Arachnid Dementor to recover her health.

Chapter 3: Light and the DarkEdit

This story was told about the encounter of Bealdor and Hel before they have been selected as an Eidolon by Cube of Gaia.

Sixteenth Floor - Well Met
Many stories start with the meeting of a woman and a man.

Hel was wandering around forest while Thorny Flower Fairies want to ambush her but Bealdor stops them.

The battle starts with Thorny Flower Fairy as opponent, beware of transformed into cactus as Envoy have to jump up high to neutralize it.

Seventeenth Floor - Rendezvous
No evil can stop a randevous between two lovers.

In this floor, Envoy must defeat Gram and Gram will summon healing, phantom and shield crystal. Neutralize all of it and continue attacking Garm

Tough Call
Your family or your lover... which is more important?

In this floor, Envoy must defeat Hel and let her touch any elemental orb and defeat her elemental. Repeat it again and again since she is immune to all ailments status and the only way to defeat her is through elemental Hel. There are three types of Element, Ice, Fire and Storm Hel and let Hel touch one of it to transform.

Nineteenth Floor - Love's Obstacles
When relatives interfere in live, things never go well.

Bealdor doesn't know what happened to Hel and she just left him like that. Since he know what she like he decide to look for Dawn of Light that can be used as present for Hel.

For this stage, Envoy must collect Glimmers from Umbra and Envoy must split up to three unit parties. One to protect the collector, one to destroy the Umbras and one to harvest the Glimmer.

Twentieth Floor - The Lost
The woman has lost her love, the man has lost...

Bealdor went to meet Hel on Pandemonium but Gram stopped him. He told that he deliver a present to her as an apology but Gram cannot let him pass and when Bealdor shows him present, Gram was affected and turns to a sword.

For this level, Envoy must defeat Bealdor and once he cast invincibility quickly defeat the Dark Incarntation while also defeating Halthim, Bealdor's Darkness and Envoy that are attracted to the Corrupted Power must lure it towards Bealdor to disable his shield. Repeat the same process until Bealdor is defeated.

After Hel appears, Bealdor was interrogated by Hel why he harm Garm and Jormungand come to explain everything to Bealdor. Despite Garm can revert back to his original form he afraid that his memories will not return. After explaining everything he sheathe Garm and tell Bealdor to go away then leave with Hel to find a safe place for Garm.

Chapter 4: Greed For FoodEdit

This Chapter was told about Fenrir who always hungry and Torian who aimed to become the world's greatest chef.

Twenty First Floor - Thief's Encounter
Nobody could have guessed that the theft of a Food Parcel would mark the beginning of a lifelong friendship.
Twenty Second Floor - Ravenous
Even the most terrifying of nightmares isn't enough to make one forget a stomach rumbling from hunger.
Twenty Third Floor - Haute Cuisine
Can Torian, whose ambition is to become a world-famous cook, fullfil his lifelong ambition of serving up a dish using legendary ingredients?
Twenty Fourth Floor - All Because Of Greedy
Fenrir's greed often causes trouble, for both himself and the unwitting Torian.
Twenty Fifth Floor - Wolf of Poor Street
With such a troublesome companion, Torian's wallet is often worryingly empty.

Chapter 5: Unrequited Love and War Against DemonsEdit

Arsa and Shirley are love each other but when Shirley got kidnapped, he desperately searching for her but soon he have to make decision either to defeat her or make a last stand with her when he found out the truth about her.

Twenty Sixth Floor - It Begins
The fated battle between humanity and the demonic hordes stand before you. Which side will prevail in the end?
Twenty Seventh Floor - Survivor's Guilt
Perhaps the burden is heaviest for those who are left behind...
Twenty Eight Floor - Hold On to Yourself
Can those poor souls who were lost find a way to return to their former lives?
Twenty Ninth Floor - Infernal Identity
A mysterious new demon has appeared. Who will reveal his true identity?
Thirteenth Floor - The Quandary
A soldier reaches a crossroad, and a decision must be made. Will he be true to his country or the love of his life?

Chapter 6: Possessed Doll and the Grim ReaperEdit

The story tells about God of Death, Thanatos who the soul has just been disrupted by one of fellow God known as God of Sleep while Scheele accidentaly found Lulu but what he found makes his heart throb.

Thirty First Floor - Unexpected Loss
A seemingly random act robbed me of my greatest treasure...
Thirty Second Floor - A Shattered Soul
My soul and your empty shell... Can we fill this void inside?
Thirty Third Floor - Cruel Innocence
The greatest hopes are followed by the bitterest disappointments.
Thirty Fourth Floor - Emotional Meltdown
I left for you and I came back for you... I just want to see you again.
Thirty Fifth Floor - Hope in Despair
No matter what life throws at me, I'll just keep on keeping on.



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Regular Alabastren Temple (28+)Gydaie Glen (38+)Miner's Steppe (43+)Deep's Cavern (48+)Candeo Core (48+)Wrathborne Temple (53+)Ghostweep Cave (53+)Ozymand Temple (53+)Titan's Root (66+)Cadilla Felwood (66+)Frozenlea Plains (70+)Twilight Forest (75+)Tomb of the Ancients (80+)Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory (80+)
Otherworld Otherworld: Port Skandia (50+)Otherworld: Helonia Coast (60+)Otherworld: Crescent Hill (60+)Otherworld: Emerald Marsh (75+)
Otherworld: Alabastren Temple (60+)Otherworld: Gydaie Glen (60+)Otherworld: Miner's Steppe (60+)Otherworld: Deep's Cavern (70+)Otherworld: Candeo Core (70+)Otherworld: Titan's Root (75+)Otherworld: Cadilla Felwood (75+)Otherworld: Twilight Forest (80+)
Abyssal Infernal Abyss (55+)Whirlpool Abyss (60+)Avarice Abyss (75+)Vault of Eternity - Great Hall (80+)
Lament of the Thunder-Dragon King (65+)Landing of the Sky Dragon King (65+)Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen (65+)Tempestuous Temple (70+)Pyroclastic Purgatory (70+)Thunder Temple of the Underworld Baroness (75+)Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal (75+)
Special Sky Tower (60+)Sky Realm (70+)
Temple of the Eidolons (30+)Gaia's Sanctuary (70+)Gaia's Sanctuary - Trial (75+)
Dimensional Hall (20-75)Fight Club (50+)Subterranean Ruins (50-70)Monster Research Institute (50-60)
Hall of Philae (65+)Duelists' Temple (65+)
Misc. Ruins Cave (1+)Hidden Cave (1+)South-West Helonia Mountain Cave (8+)North Helonia Mountain Cave (8+)Former Site of Lunarin Village (18+)
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