Small Shrimp

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade. Cannot be stored in shared warehouse.
Character Level 5 and Above.
A small shrimp that lives in almost every freshwater zone. It's considered quite a delicacy.

You can accept Fish Supply missions from the Director of Anglers Anonymous in Navea
Related Quest: "Fish Supply: Small Shrimp"

Dissect the fish to gain a small amount of EXP.
There is a chance of obtaining a Custom Costume when dissecting this fish.
Right-Click to cut open the fish.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.

Location Edit

Obtain Edit

Items you can obtain by cutting open a Small Shrimp are:

Icon Name
Experiencedust Crystallized Experience Dust
Experiencefragments Crystallized Experience Fragments
Custom-demonhunterscap Custom Demon Hunter's Cap (M)
Custom-demonhunterscap Custom Demon Hunter's Cap (F)
Custom-demonhunterssuit(M) Custom Demon Hunter's Suit (M)
Custom-demonhunterssuit(F) Custom Demon Hunter's Suit (F)
Glimmeringsecretstone Glimmering Secret Stone
Secretstone Secret Stone of Despair
Costume-sharpshooterscap Sharpshooter's Cap (M)
Costume-sharpshooterscap Sharpshooter's Cap (F)
Costume-sharpshooterssuit(M) Sharpshooter's Suit (M)
Costume-sharpshooterssuit(F) Sharpshooter's Suit (F)
Shiningsecretstone Shining Secret Stone
Smallexperiencecrystal Small Experience Crystal
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