Envoy nodes

Envoy node Description Effect
Sorcerer Strive for excellence as a master of Grimoires, conjuring forh ancient spells to torment foes. Maximum HP +12%
Your attacks increase target's Recieved Damage by 3%, stacking up to 5 times.
Skills Level of Grimoires +3
Elite Hunter When you meet with a group of enemies, attack the leader right away to throw the rest into disarray. Damage to elites +20%
Target's DEF -1%,stackable up to 15 times.
Aleatoric Curse This curse was forbidden because of its chaotic and unpredictable nature. Sounds great, doesn't it? Your attacks have a 20% chance to inflict target with one of the five following effects for 8 sec
Respectively: DMG -10%; DEF -10%; CRIT Rate -10%; Move SPD -20%; ACC -10%
Sorcery Delve into ancient tomes of magic to increase the destructive power of your spells. Crit Rate of Dark skills +10%
Divine Whisper This holy blessing will beef you up; only problem is that it's spoken so quietly it's hard to understand what it is that is being blessed. Your attacks have a 20% chance to grant you and your party memebers one of five following effects for 8 sec
Respectively: DMG +10%; DEF +10%; CRIT Rate +10%; Deal Extra Damage; ACC +10%
Arcane Shield In the face of a crisis, the mystical power buried in your heart will awaken to defend you from harm. Conjure a shield that negates 25% of damage taken up to 3 times.
Cooldown time: 45 seconds.
Counterattack When the enemy pushes you, the arcane power in your body will push back. Taking a few hits sharpens your focus. DMG +20% for 8 seconds when HP drops below 40%.
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