Sorcerers draw their shadowy magics from ancient tomes and grimoires. Calling forth the spectral power sleeping within each page, they conjure up dark spells to raze and torment foes, leaving them weakened and vulnerable.


Few dare to plumb the darker side of magic, but Sorcerers brave its depths with gusto. In the pages of old tomes and grimoires they find runes and sigils that, although forgotten by the world at large, have lost none of their potency. With a host of debilitating spells at their fingertips, none can deny a Sorcerer's way with words.

Primary Skills

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Soulabsorption-skill Soul Draw Attack Dark 1
Magicseal-skill Demon Seal Attack Physical 1
Shadowbind-skill Shadow Bolt Attack Dark 4
Bloodseal-skill Blood Seal Attack Physical 8
Regenerationmantra-skill Rejuvenation Mantra Healing Assist 13
Flameshock-skill Flame Impact Attack Fire 18
Nightmaretotem-skill Nightmare Totem Call Assist 24
Strengthassaultmantra-skill Powerful Strike Mantra Buff Assist 30


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