Swift Somersault
Cooldown              5.0s
Evade deadly attacks with elegance and flair, briefly increasing EVA and DMG.
UpIcon While skill is active, DMG received decreases by 100%, EVA increased 95%, leaving yourself immune to damage over time.
UpIcon After spell fades, increases EVA by 8% and DMG by 10% for 5 secs.


Swiftsomersault-skillicon Swift SomersaultCooldown 5.0 seconds GCDIcon 0.5 seconds
Target Self
Weapon Type Dual Blades
Level Level 1 (Main)
Level 40 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier -
Range Linear Range 4m
Effect UpIcon Decreases DMG received by 100% and increases EVA by 95%, leaving you immune to attacks under animation. Animation lasts 0.6 seconds.

UpIcon After animation, increases EVA by 8% and DMG by 10% flatly for 5 seconds.

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Innocent World (Japanese) 疾速空翻


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Right Phantom Betrayal
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