Templar Knights are the Knights that served the church and they are the backbone of Church Primary defenses against imminent threat.

Background[edit | edit source]

Salesian found the Templar Knights and he is the first one to become Templar Commander. The Templar Knights serves to protect people from any threat that comes to them, they are the Primary Backbone around Navea.

Military Structure[edit | edit source]

Andre is now responsible to command the Templar Knights but he is still able to receive orders from Church especially Grand Bishops.

Prominent Members[edit | edit source]

Supreme Commander[edit | edit source]

They are the one who can command the Templar Knights to the battle, with Andre as the Supreme Commander of the Knights and Grand Bishop as the one who will give him orders to assemble and dispatch the Knights.

High Commanders[edit | edit source]

They have been promoted to the High ranks due to their achievements and also their efforts was proven more than the other Templars, earning them the rank of High Commanders and often dispatched to the front line when a major case happens.

Notable members[edit | edit source]

Aside of those who served under the Church itself, some are even give the contribution worth enough to be part of Church and Templar Army itself.

  • Envoy of Gaia (Players)
  • Analisa (Current Knight Blacksmith)
  • Harvey (Former Knight Blacksmith, retired)
  • Hermione
  • Robinson
  • Perry (Researcher)
  • Gus (Imperial Guard Captain)

Allies[edit | edit source]

Throughout the story, the Templars able to gain allies with the help of Envoy. Together with the Envoys, the Templars are able to ally with them in the name of Church.

  • Principia Merchants
  • Midgard Merchants
  • Sunhunter's Vale Makar
  • Zingaro Centaur Tribe
  • Veritos Praire Makar
  • Cactakara Dwarves
  • Catseye Pirates
  • Triatio Hunters
  • Stonehammer Tribe
  • Isai and the butterflies
  • Sanknine Alliance Merchants

Rivals and Enemies[edit | edit source]

Despite the Knights remain strong, they also face formidable opponents that causes them to give more than what they got.

  • Reinhardt's Army
  • Demon's Army
  • Maggie (Deceased)
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