This template allows you to write ONE conversation with the Eidolon.

To avoid adding existing conversations, it is recommended to use Ctrl + F.


{{EC Conversative
|Place question here.
|row=Specify the number of different answers the Eidolon gives to that question.|
:Answer here
:Answer here
  • On the ROW parameter, there are only FOUR options. Even if there are five different answers, the row does not change and the fifth answer will be displayed on the bottom of the first answer. When there are five answers, just write the number 4 on the ROW parameter either way.
  • Note that if there is only one answer, do not include the ROW parameter, just place this sign (|) at the end of the question.
  • Every single time you start another answer, put the sign (|) at the end of the previous parameter.
  • Check the Merrilee/Conversation page to get a good glimpse of how the different answers split into rows.


{{EC Conversative
|Tell me about this wiki.
:This wiki is about editing.
:This wiki is about the game Aura Kingdom.|
:This wiki has four admins.
:This wiki has over 2000 pages.|
:This wiki was created in August 2013.
:This wiki's founder was Beeny.|
:This wiki has been adopted twice.
:This wiki changes theme every month.|

Results in...

Tell me about this wiki.
This wiki is about editing.
This wiki is about the game Aura Kingdom.
This wiki has over 2000 pages.
This wiki was created in August 2013.
This wiki's founder was Beeny.
This wiki has been adopted twice.
This wiki changes theme every month.
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