Chapter 1: Heroism and Strength Chronicle-caucasusmountains Caucasus Mountains ICaucasus Mountains IICaucasus Mountains IIICaucasus Mountains IVCaucasus Mountains V
Chronicle-aeliustemple Aelius' Temple IAelius' Temple IIAelius' Temple IIIAelius' Temple IVAelius' Temple V
Chronicle-poisonmarsh Poison Marsh IPoison Marsh IIPoison Marsh IIIPoison Marsh IVPoison Marsh V
Chronicle-knossoslabyrinth Knossos Labyrinth IKnossos Labyrinth IIKnossos Labyrinth IIIKnossos Labyrinth IVKnossos Labyrinth V
Chronicle-whirlpool Whirlpool IWhirlpool IIWhirlpool IIIWhirlpool IVWhirlpool V
Chronicle-sirensong Siren Song ISiren Song IISiren Song IIISiren Song IVSiren Song V
Chronicle-warriorscamp Warrior's Camp IWarrior's Camp IIWarrior's Camp IIIWarrior's Camp IVWarrior's Camp V
Chronicle-thecityoftroy The City of Troy IThe City of Troy IIThe City of Troy IIIThe City of Troy IVThe City of Troy V
Chapter 2: The Maiden's Journey Chronicle-knossoslabyrinth Lion Kingdom ILion Kingdom IILion Kingdom IIILion Kingdom IVLion Kingdom V
Chronicle-warriorscamp War God Altar IWar God Altar IIWar God Altar IIIWar God Altar IVWar God Altar V
Chronicle-bodhiforest Bodhi Forest IBodhi Forest IIBodhi Forest IIIBodhi Forest IVBodhi Forest V
Chronicle-bridgeovertheganges Bridge over the Ganges IBridge over the Ganges IIBridge over the Ganges IIIBridge over the Ganges IVBridge over the Ganges V
Chronicle-kurukshetraprairie Kurukshetra Prairie IKurukshetra Prairie IIKurukshetra Prairie IIIKurukshetra Prairie IVKurukshetra Prairie V
Chronicle-thesnowypeak The Snowy Peak IThe Snowy Peak IIThe Snowy Peak IIIThe Snowy Peak IVThe Snowy Peak V
Chronicle-indrapalace Indra Palace IIndra Palace IIIndra Palace IIIIndra Palace IVIndra Palace V
Chronicle-shangrila Shangri-La IShangri-La IIShangri-La IIIShangri-La IVShangri-La V
Chapter 3: Vile Temptations Chronicle-thegreatpyramid The Great Pyramid IThe Great Pyramid IIThe Great Pyramid IIIThe Great Pyramid IVThe Great Pyramid V
Chronicle-thequeensoasis The Queen's Oasis IThe Queen's Oasis IIThe Queen's Oasis IIIThe Queen's Oasis IVThe Queen's Oasis V
Chronicle-thevalleyofgold The Valley of Gold IThe Valley of Gold IIThe Valley of Gold IIIThe Valley of Gold IVThe Valley of Gold V
Chronicle-mausoleum Mausoleum IMausoleum IIMausoleum IIIMausoleum IVMausoleum V
Chronicle-volcanicruins Volcanic Ruins IVolcanic Ruins IIVolcanic Ruins IIIVolcanic Ruins IVVolcanic Ruins V
Chronicle-stonealtar Stone Altar IStone Altar IIStone Altar IIIStone Altar IVStone Altar V
Chronicle-thehanginggardens The Hanging Gardens IThe Hanging Gardens IIThe Hanging Gardens IIIThe Hanging Gardens IVThe Hanging Gardens V
Chronicle-descentintopurgatory Descent Into Purgatory IDescent Into Purgatory IIDescent Into Purgatory IIIDescent Into Purgatory IVDescent Into Purgatory V
Chapter 4: Angel's Corruption Chronicle-ancientwalledcity Ancient Walled City IAncient Walled City IIAncient Walled City IIIAncient Walled City IVAncient Walled City V
Chronicle-cityofangels City of Angels ICity of Angels IICity of Angels IIICity of Angels IVCity of Angels V
Chronicle-gateofjudgment Gate of Judgment IGate of Judgment IIGate of Judgment IIIGate of Judgment IVGate of Judgment V
Chronicle-treeofknowledge Tree of Knowledge ITree of Knowledge IITree of Knowledge IIITree of Knowledge IVTree of Knowledge V
Chronicle-angeltearsspring Angel Tears Spring IAngel Tears Spring IIAngel Tears Spring IIIAngel Tears Spring IVAngel Tears Spring V
Chronicle-galaxybridge Galaxy Bridge IGalaxy Bridge IIGalaxy Bridge IIIGalaxy Bridge IVGalaxy Bridge V
Chronicle-ancientbattlefield Ancient Battlefield IAncient Battlefield IIAncient Battlefield IIIAncient Battlefield IVAncient Battlefield V
Chronicle-aurakingdom'sgate Aura Kingdom's Gate IAura Kingdom's Gate IIAura Kingdom's Gate IIIAura Kingdom's Gate IVAura Kingdom's Gate V
Bibliotheca Arcana Daily Chronicle-templeoflight Temple of Light (Mondays)Chronicle-earthfireruins Earthfire Ruins (Tuesdays)Chronicle-landoffrost Land of Frost (Wednesdays)Chronicle-forsakendunes Forsaken Dunes (Thursdays)Chronicle-maelstrom Maelstrom (Fridays)Chronicle-darksanctuary Dark Sanctuary (Weekends)
Events Dragon of ChaosAncient Mushroom KingdomEternal GuardianPenguin Warriors! Assemble!Jelly Crystal Spirit ParkBeetle FestivalMysterious ScentHectic Gift DeliveryAncient Dragon CalamitySpring of LifeLabyrinth Escape RoomSummer Training ContestDreamland Adventure
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