• Ah, Wizards. Wizard has always been a fun class for me. Spamming meteor is so much fun! While XLegend made Wizard no longer the AoE master (coughcoughstupidravsandgreatswordscoughcough) it has always been the most aesthetic appealing class for me.

    The rules are simple: only screenshots of Wizards are allowed. After all, this is a Wizard appreciation thread! Socializing and casual talk is also fine, just don't get too carried away.

    Here's mine:
    3usi9 Port Skandia Skandia

    • Here's my loved li'l pumpkin! Believe it or not, everything she has on are just gifts! Yep, gifts! The kimono, the cat ears, the wings, the lion mount and the wand were gifts from almost half a year ago. The black dye was given just recently.


      I'm not forcing them to give me, okay? They did it voluntarily~ <3
      Snapshot 20150909 003454
    • Pffft and here I am green of envy! You must've got some really nice friends, meanwhile I have a pervert trying to use me for his daily fishing T^T

      Uriel is such an emo gee, I wanna see you happy dude!
      3usi9 Helonia Coast Silverash Shore

    • Nice friends? Pft, my guildmates are actually trying to loot gold from me and everyone else while I just give away my purple gold ores to them. xD Love Ivysaur tho-

    • At least they give you nice stuff! DX My old guild only gave me trash; I was always the one giving stuff. Now that I think back about it... I miss my loot Q.Q

    • The only person that gave me nice stuff was that guy who I think was having a big crush on my pumpkin -- even asking for marriage, lol- Then the other guy was way back in the past and I don't even know why he gave me so much.

      But PandaOtaku gives away 100-200 gold, and Kirito gives us some cool stuff too~

    • Pfft first you say they steal your gold and loot and now you say they give you gold and loot? Share some with me m8! Being a solo player is hard so share to the ones in need DX

      He's even emo while my pride is dancing! How dare he!
      3usi9 Port Skandia Timbria Forest

    • B-But I want to keep my gold count to 100+. Maybe if Panda gives away more gold, I'll share half with you, as long as I'd still have 100+ left with me~

      Or if you buy me something nice, you CB player~ 
    • Pls I'm a worthless, useless scrub who desperately throws away his gold on costumes. And the worthless part is from my friend! Emoticon-sad

      Happy (late) Birthday~ My greatest idol!
      3usi9 Port Skandia

    • You impulsive buyer, you...

      Rather than spending your gold, give 'em to me~

      • wiggles brows

      BTW, Chimera has big compensation for the rollback~ Are you playing?

    • Hmm... the 2x EXP compensation sounds tempting... but I doubt it. Gotta farm LP~

      Uriel seems to like to ruin my screenshots DX
      3usi9 ToE

    • An Envoy
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