• Damn Warbow, back before the nerf, warbow was one of the best classes I ever played. Without the GCD, they were beyond broken with full-charged skills being released and released like there was no tomorrow. Even post-nerf, Warbow still holds a solid place as a DPS class and got an unique playstyle compared to other classses.

    Since this is a Warbow appreciation thread, only post screenshots on Warbows! If anyone got question about Warbow on general, feel free to ask them here too!

    Here's mine o3o
    Mana Khemia Traitio Highlands Hunter's Mountain Village

    • Thinking of making one but unsure, what exactly does it excel at and what is its playstyle?

    • Warbow is a kiting-heavy class that's quite speedy, but what really is their trademark is their heavy charge mechanic (which can be seen as a blessing or a curse). It allows them to deal heavy burst damage, which is what they're (previously) famous for, especially in terms of AoE. So if you want a ranged, bursty and speedy class, then this might be for you.

      If you're not a fan of the charge mechanic and would rather want to spam 1, 2, 3, then I wouldn't recommend it. Keep in mind that the charge mechanic can be extremely excruciating on the early/mid levels; it gets much better when you gain over 30% (preferably cap) SPD.

    • charge mechanic kinda stands out to me, so what kind of build should i use as in stats and gear? and sub class?¬†

    • Pre-Lv60: when it comes to stat allocation, just dump all points in SPD and DEF. Gears doesn't really matter much but make sure you use the strongest weapon you get.

      Post-Lv60: use full devourer set. For weapon either Lv60. ST-crafted or a Psonic Gaze with decent %. Prioritize SPD to the point where you can cap it with gears/buffs, then CRIT if you have below 50% and the rest on DMG. Prioritize DEF until it's capped, then put all leftover points on HP. Don't bother with EVA; it's a luxury stat at best.

      Post-Lv70: use full Sniper set and Lv70. crafted weapon. The previous stat priority applies always when you have 'real' gears.

      Post-Lv80: use full Lordswrath set and Lv80. crafted weapon.

      As for subclass, Bard is the most common one. Personally not a big fan of it since it can be a bit "dull", but it's by far the most useful one (and this pretty much applies to all classes).

    • Thanks alot this really helped, and imma link this to my guild since thiers other Rangers

    • oh! which weapon specialization path? or does it depend?

    • Hands-down right path cuz Dimension Shot upgrade, but you should grind left path too for the extra points.

    • Thanks again ^^

    • An Envoy
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