• The one and only healing class, Bard, has through the history of AK been one of the most wanted classes to party with. To me, Bard has been one of the most dynamic classes I've played, especially after the release of Bard mechanic. Spamming Holy Notes every 3 seconds is really fun! Especially in ST XD

    Like every appreciation thread, this thread is dedicated to Bards out there. Share a screenshot of your Bard! Discussions of anything Bard-related are also welcome here.

    I'll call the first dip!
    Xenosphere Blizzard Berg The Ice Ramp

    • The only comment in two months of your post because I too am the only person to ever play bard and like it besides you XD

    • I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of bards in-game; it's just that none of them comment here on the wiki lol

    • An Envoy
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