• Having the honor to be the tank class in this game, Guardian has always been one of the kind. With so much potential, XLegend decided to throw it all out of the window by making the game DPS-centric. However, I still believe Guardian's has a spot on all teams, especially with the rise of Weapon Mastery. Who cares about jumping sorcs and humping ravs, DPS Guard FTW!

    Since this is a Guardian appreciation thread, feel free to post anything Guard-related! Also, posting your own Guard here is mandotary! o3o

    Calling for the first dips!
    Recur Navea Sky Tower

    • Sadly i dont have a account so i cant post a screen shot but yeah guardian is very underated he may not be the kind that can destroy everything before they get close. But i have a lv 63 devine guardian/reaper who destroys anything that tries to aoe him!

      Just need the right sythe and he be near invincible.

    • Technically, the creator of Aura Kingdom is Aeria Games.

      But yeah, I use a Guardian and she is ridiculously OP. I kill Level 17 enemies without breaking a sweat.

    • Umm no they aren't Aeria is just the publisher. The ones who developed and created the game is X-Legend.

      The real fun doesn't start 'till Lv70 Emoticon-evil

    • An Envoy
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