• Everyone wants to be Kirito right? When CB started, Duelist was so popular! I mean just look at those blades and flashy animation! I could understand why they were popular back then, and even I went with the bandwagon and created my own!

    However, like everything else, even the brightest has a shadow. With the immense population of Kiritos running around everywhere, the majority were new and inexperienced players. And let me tell 'ya, Duelist was NOT a beginner-friendly class. Since Duelists relies on EVA as their base defense accodring to the game description, many went EVA build and were super squishy. I remember the old days when WT was a thing and the Duelists died before you even realised it, and repeated "revive pls" obnoxiously. Ah, good old days lol.

    There was a lot of prejudice because of that. Not only were those Kiritos despited, but even good Duelists were excluded from parties, making life as a Duelist hard. However, as time passed and meta changed, the population declined by a good amount and balance is found.

    Nowdays, most people play Duelists because it's fun! Roll and jumpcasting on a Duelist is, may I say, the most enjoyable gameplay from any other classes.

    Now, it's time to take out your Duelist and show it off to us!
    Yairi Crescent Hills Outer District

    • You are Right¬†! Every One wants to be that same as ¬†Idol (Kriito)

      They Can Make Asuna XD

    • An Envoy
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