• Why not try creating something fun lol. I know some userpages have them there, but for those who are anonymous lol.

    Anyway, my favorite Eidolons are Vayu, Quelkulan, Nazrudin, Vermilion, Hel, Astraea, Diao Chan, Eternia, and Nalani.

    • Alessa is my Daughter, Cesela my Waifu, Tigerius Caesar my Husbando and Eternia my Laifu Emoticon-fight

    • Kotonoha is my waifu. Alucard is my husbando. Merilee is my favourite starter eidolon if I'm not playing a bard because she heals.  I tend to use 3* abraxas a lot on my DPS bard because I like crit. And Harmonia is a nice one in terms of design. I want cerberus though... woof woof!

    • chronos is waifu , uriel is my precious son , alucard is laifu x"DD..

    • An Envoy
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