• The game features are kind of confusing. I know that the map shows green/blue ! and ? as daily quests, but what are fame quests? Aren't they the same?

    Oh... and also the other location candeo Marsh. I thought it was supposed ot be Cactakara forest?

    • to be honest I just, started playing  the game . But, if the fame point system is actually the same with the fame point system in eden eternal. I could probably guess that the fame quest is a type of quest which helps you gain more fame (and trust) --> (fame points) from the villagers in that particular location. If I remember correctly, the fame points in eden eternal is used to unlock special items/skill (I forgot). This is just a prediction from my experience in playing Eden Eternal Online. Since the creator of the game is the same, the fame point system MIGHT be the same.I can't be too sure though...

    • You are maybe right, but now I see green and blue on ! On the map. And the map features don't tell me what the green are. And I'm so confused!: repeatable quests are only once a day, that's another one for daily quest. Maybe that's what it was in the beginning, but I thought that daily quests doesn't have anything to do with the adventure just like an activity or something...

    • Green ! indicate an Achievement quest. You can do this to earn Achievement points and Loyalties, which you can use to buy stuff at the Item Mall. Most of the time you'll be getting items that you need to give to someone, use on a specific target, etc.

      Blue ! indicate daily quests that you can repeat once per day. They don't have anything to do with the main quests, but they do give a lot of EXP.

      As for Candeo Marsh, that's an entirely different area that wasn't released in Closed Beta. We'll likely see it in Open Beta. For now, there's a portal in the Church Audience Chamber in Navea that would lead to Candeo Marsh.

    • can anyone help me,,im level 45 and im at candeo marsh,,then my main  quest disappeared... cant find the golden exclamation mark which is the main quest in any map,,pls help,,im stuck.

    • What was your last quest?

    • Check every floor, every instance, every item you have in your backpack as it may be related to a quest. Also, re-log, as this game is so damn glitchy.

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