• Not really sure where to put this, but....

    Okay anyways, once open beta roles in, should we make a guild? :P

    • It could help us attract more users, hoping they don't mistake this wiki with the other Aura Kingdom wiki.
    • Communication in-game
    • Probably more stuff

    It would be kind of cool. :P I'm hoping to see some of you in the game when open beta hits. ^_^

    • Oh, maybe.. haven't thought about that! But I'm not really that sure. Don't you already have a guild?? Hope to see you in open beta as well, thanks!

    • Nah, besides I can make a character solely for wiki stuff and probably join a wiki guild for that.

    • Oh, maybe I should do that too. Thanks for the suggestion, I might make one in Open Beta?

    • Alright, just let me know when you do, so I can join it. :D

    • Sure, anytime! Or you can make it if you want :D

    • You should make it since you know more about the game. :P

      Should also come up with a name. :P lol

    • I don't really know a lot about the game because some I have to translate from the Chinese version since I played that before as well.

      I don't know what name I can come up with, I'm bad with names. Shouldn't it be more closer to this wiki's so you know what it is about?...

    • Well I guess we'll see what's the plan. :P

      Something so simple, like AKWikia or something like that. lol hmm

    • Alright, I will think about it. I don't have a name in mind right now, however the name AKWikia is cool.

    • Oh yeah, which server should the guild be in? Hydra or Siren? I like Siren because it's a cool name, but I could work with either one. c:

    • Oh, I was planning on asking you this as well. I don't know, I guess Hydra is cool but I do agree maybe going with Siren. I always thought about picking the first server because you know, it's like you don't plan on having choices, but I think the first server are going to be full. I suppose Siren is okay.

    • I didn't take account of the first server being full. I don't mind which server really, so whichever you decide to go to, I'll go for it.

    • Alright, either way is fine. I think I would go with selecting Siren, it's a cool name. So see you there soon! Oh and I'm not going to start the game and create the guild aleady, not with level 1. Maybe level 30 or 40..

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