• Hey, I don't know who uploaded those images for the Terra page with the locations and stuff. But they look cool and I was planning on knowing where those images came from. I would like to have them downloaded and save those images as my favorites in my PC, and the only problem is that I want it bigger.

    Hey... Sorry if I am asking too much of a thing, just wanted to know where they cam from.

    • I took them from that teleportation crystal (the one that lets you teleport to other areas instantly). As far as I'm concerned, I don't think there's any other sites with those images in terms of downloading. I might be able to make them bigger, though the highest resolution I can get them in is 318x78px.

    •, maybe I should have noticed it but I never went to the teleportation crystals. Cool, thanks for that if you really do so! I mean, for the higher resolution idea.

    • I re-uploaded the highest resolution I can get them in (which was 312x78px). If they still appear small, you might need to refresh/purge your page until it does show.

    • An Envoy
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