• Right now we currently have 1000+ pages which includes classes, disambiguations, etc. but in my estimation, I think the wiki is going to have to get to 7000 pages sometime in the future if we are not lazy. Why?

    7000+ pages especially for all the items: weapons, costumes, armors, potions, food/drink, misc, etc. it's too much to do anyway. But there's more: Eidolons that will keep coming and classes that will be released soon again. In addition, new battlefield PvP and locations, even instances. We haven't really explored the Sky Tower all the way to the 100th floor yet, so expect more monsters and pages.

    Excuse the 7000+ pages for items, quests are never yet finished, including monsters. I'm assuming that if we were to finish the whole wiki, it will be over 10k pages or more @_@.

    • That's a lot of work to do.¬†:{ I have tried to edit but I'm so caught up with college and finding a job. boo

    • Gee, good luck! That's a good goal to start with¬†:P You guys did wonderful job on this already, 1k pages has passed the limit!

    • Oh, that is sad to hear. I really wish I could update better on this wiki, but I will be patiently working on the items section for a bit. I hope we get up to 2000 pages soon, sigh...

    • An Envoy
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