• Technically the term merging isn't really "merging". It's simply just having another wiki (that's inactive and covers the same subject entirely but doesn't contain much information) redirect to our wiki. In this case, we won't be affected in any way, except maybe a change in url (if we decide to change it) and also the other wiki's url will be directed to ours instead.

    "A staff member can then close down the inactive wikia and redirect its domain name to the new destination. The communities will now be under one Site Name and URL. (Any redirected domain name can become the primary URL for the merged wikias, if the community chooses.)"
    Pretty much how it's going to go when we "merge".

    Anyways, I propose a merge in wikis between:

    • Our wiki, Aura-Kingdom Wikia
    • And Aura Kingdom Wikia (without a hyphen), see wiki

    When merged, the latter technically doesn't exist anymore, except it now redirects to our wiki. Since their content isn't really benefiting us, we don't have to transfer their articles to ours.

    Also after merging, I propose changing our url to just aurakingdom.wikia (without the hyphen). Our old url will still work, but it will redirect to the new url.

    If I can get your approval, KeyCode, to go through with this, I'll be happy enough to send a message to Wikia, possibly at the end of July. We don't have much of a community here, so I don't think we will get any community opinions, lol.

    For more information, see Help:Merging wikias.

    Information about aurakingdom.wikia

    (Without the hyphen)


    • Created: October 10, 2013
    • Number of content pages: 3 (including main page)
    • Last edit: June 26, 2013 (User:DrBright, number of edits: 4)
    • Latest admin: Kamikakushi (last edited and login October 10, 2013)

    I'm not sure if a wiki needs to be inactive for a certain number of days or months. But if not, I think we can merge right away.


    • Merge: Approved
    • URL change: Approved


    1. Close (inactive) to merge with (ours)
    2. Change domain name of aura-kingdom.wikia (ours) to new domain name aurakingdom.wikia
    • Yes, I would love to have it redirected to our wiki! I have been visiting that wiki on November as well, the day I started to choose editing here. I've been thinking of that as well, just didn't really want to contact Wikia about such little things though.

      I think we could get our URL changed to because that would be a lot easier than inserting a hyphen. Thanks for suggesting this and I'm still trying to figure out about my account on Aeria lol. I still have a few screenshots on the weapons and items I think I can finish...

      You can go ahead on merging and getting the URL changed C:.

    • Well alright then! I'll see if they will merge it today. If not, I'll try to wait a few more days.

    • Okay, I hope it works out though. And did you see the new change in Wikia? I mean, for anonymous users, I think? Because when I wasn't logged in yet, the navigation bar seems really off. I visited some random Chinese and French wikis and they didn't have that yet. I logged on and the style of the navigation bar seems to revert to normal...

    • I think that was one of the issues after a technical update. I remember going to Community Central and reading that some of the wiki navigation was off. I think I saw it too since some of the main headings were gone. I'm not seeing it right now, so I don't know for sure.

    • Merge is complete! Our domain name is now under aurakingdom. Our old domain name (aura-kingdom) now redirects to the new one.

    • An Envoy
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