A list of all conversations between the Envoy and Tigerius Caesar.

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"I'll let you admire my supreme connecting techniques!"
"If there are one or two beauties chatting with me, I don't mind connecting a few more times!"
"It's very tiring maintaining the same pose all the time..."
"How's that? Are you staified with the results of my connection?"


High Eidolon Energy
"Wherever you go, I'll definitely follow you 'till the end!"
"You look like you haven't been in love before... Would you like some tips?"
"Don't get cocky after gaining a Lv.1 Secret Stone. You can still get it upgraded further by merchants in different cities and villages, making it even more powerful!"
"Don't you need to upgrade your equipment? It'll be really embarrassing if you fall before I do."
"You have to keep improving! If I fall in battle, I need to be able to trust you to protect me as I've protected you!"
"Are there any dungeons with interesting events? If so, take me there!"
"Let's check out the dungeon later. I have a feeling that we'll find some rare treasure!"
"Don't wait the enemy to attack you! The best defense is a good offense."
"You know, hanging out with you so much taught me that you're really funny!"
"You might be scrawny, but you're pretty tough!"
Medium Eidolon Energy
"Remember to hang out with me! I'll find something fun for us to do."
"I'm rather careless, so I guess I'm lucky to have you with me!"
"Sigh! Why aren't there any enemies worth my time?"
"When you have any problems, let me know. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to help you, but I'll do my best."
"Have you gained weight lately? You should cut down on the sweets."
"Your skills seem to be improving. A simple punch from you is enough to deal with most enemies."
"How nice it would be if my partner were a pretty girl with beautiful long hair!"
"It's so interesting to travel with you. I get to see lots of new things all the times!"
"How about you change your outfit up? I'm so tired of seeing you in the same clothes everyday!"
"Let's check out the dungeons later. I have a feeling that we'll find some rare treasures!"
"Do you know that you snore when you're sleeping? I can't really sleep well with all that noise!"
Semi-Low Eidolon Energy
"Some of the things that come out of your mouth are really pointless."
"What has become of the adventurous life that we wanted? Why have things been so boring lately?"
"Tell me frankly: do you like me?"
"I've always wanted to know: do you consider me a brother?"
"Don't worry about me. I'm the best at running away!"
"How about you change your outfit up? I'm so tired of seeing you in the same clothes everyday!"
Low Eidolon Energy
"You're so weak and thin! You should eat better!"
"Sometimes I feel really bored when I'm with you."
"Don't worry about me. I'm the best at running away!"
"If I hadn't agreed to your request, I might have been happier..."
"Don't blame me for not respecting you. It isn't like you've shown me any respect."
"I'm not taking interest in talking to you right now."


"Is there anything that's troubling you?" / "What gives you the biggest headache?"
"Troubling stuff? Why would someone like me have any troubles?"
"But if I were to be truthful..."
"It would be that I'm too popular with women, which can cause real trouble, ha ha."
"Sigh, why is a cat like me so perfect?"
"You mere mortals are destined to indulge yourselves in my incomparable charm forever."
"This can be a real bother..."
"I think you might not be able to understand..."
"However, when you are always invincible, in battle or love, the lack of challenge can be pretty boring!"
"Heh heh, don't lie to yourself, your eyes have betrayed you..."
"One more captive, who can't resist my charm... Is being beautiful a mistake, too?"
"What is your favorite food?" / "What do you normally eat?"
"Hey, I'm not a tame kitty... Don't ever think of patronizing me with things like grilled fish."
"I'm a cat who loves his meat, I think you can easily see that."
"What I like, of course, is to take huge bites of meat in luxury!"
"I only eat the freshest, thick cut steaks, with no seasoning at all."
"They are tightly wrapped in coals of high temperature, which completely char the surfaces in an instant, locking the juices."
"When you finally tear it open with your mouth, it's like conquering virgin territories! Such a joyous feeling!"
"A player as sentimental and affectionate as me certainly can't go without romance for a day."
"Encounters with beautiful women, all around the world, are the sweetest food!"
"What do you think honor is?" / "What does honor mean to you?"
"Honor is the most important thing in the world; it's a truth that you should protect with your life."
"That's because if a person doesn't protect his honor, he certainly can't be trusted to take responsibility for himself, either."
"Honor? It's an invisible medal that you put on your coat."
"You can only get other people to worship you if you have these medals, just like me!"
"Honor is a necessary weapon for realizing your own ambitions;"
"it can turn your enemies into friends, and your disadvantaged position into an advantageous one!"
"It's like how birds cherish their feathers and how beasts cherish their fur."
"For a cat like me, honor is my most magnificent coat - Its brilliance must be maintained at all times!"
"What do you think is admirable?" / "What kind of people are considered admirable?"
"Hehe, what are you trying to hint at? A cat like me will definitely take your compliments with pleasure!"
"An obstinate adherence to the good in your goals, as well as being forthright and generous in how you handle things - these are the basic criteria to being admirable."
"However, I don't think anyone in this world can be as admirable as me, haha."
"People who are really admirable do not need any tricks to embellish themselves;"
"they can mesmerize people just by breathing. Just like me!"
"What is admirable? Heh heh, isn't this a very simple question?"
"As long as you continue to stay by my side, you will very quickly understand the real meaning of "admirable.""
"What type of girls are you into?" / "What type of girl are you attracted to?"
"A woman who's pretty like a flower and passionate like fire is my natural favorite, hehe!"
"Haughty, rich young ladies who dare to shower me with affection, like I'm a kitten are not bad either;"
"they are like flowers that bloom generously on the highlands - valuable conquests!"
"Graceful beauties who have both intellect and beauty are most elusive."
"Having a passionate battle of wits with them is... Heh heh, just thinking of it get me excited."
"As long as you display confidence and respect yourself, you'll be show yourself at your most attractive."
"Women that match these criteria are the most charming, in my heart."
"What's special about Candeo Marsh?" / "Can you give a brief introduction Candeo Marsh?"
"There's a vicious Bandit Gang formed by Werewolves in Candeo Marsh;"
"if I were in charge of that place, I'll definitely not let them wreck havoc!"
"It's said that a tribe of Sarpa has been living in the underground waterways of Candeo Marsh since ancient times."
"Even though I don't really like damp and slippery water banks, I do hope to see these snake-people."
"Even though there have been rumors about terrifying blood-sucking creatures lurking in Candeo Marsh,"
"a cat like me doesn't believe in such superstition, there must be some secret behind this."
"Candeo Marsh is a dark and damp place; I don't really want to go near there."
"Please tell me about monsters." / "What should I take note of, when fighting monsters."
"When you are surrounded by difficult monsters, escape as fast as you can; they'll give up as long as you've gotten a certain distance away from them."
"Of course, a cat like me would never run away, ha ha."
"Some monsters are very good at camouflage, so open your eyes wide, and be careful when you are walking about in the wilderness."
"Do not be too hasty to attack monsters upon first meeting."
"You should click and select the Monster Info Interface first, to get an idea of your opponent's skills and its monster drops, to get the upper hand."
"The habits of monsters are ever-changing, you'll never be able to predict their abilities."
"Even if some monsters look very similar, they might still have completely different characteristics."
"I'd like to know about casting and forging." / "How can I forge and cast Enchanted Equipment."
"Heh heh, forging and casting is the best way that mere mortals can obtain Enchanted Equipment."
"As long as you persist in your effort, you'll be able to make the highest quality equipment!"
"Heh heh, let me divulge an absolutely critical piece of information to you:"
"the higher the quality of the materials you use to cast, the higher the possibility of getting the best results!"
"As long as you've learnt the formula, you can then look for blacksmiths of Navea to forge and cast."
"Equipment that's cast and forged is very useful!"
"The army under me consists of over ten thousand people, and I have hundreds of blacksmiths under me, too."
"However, none of them has workmanship that's comparable to Analisa of the Templars..."
"I would like to know about allocating character points." / "Give me some tips on character point allocation."
"Character points can be divided into attack and defense points, and will increase as you advance in level."
"As long as you've opened the Character Info Interface, you'll be able to allocate the points according to your preferences."
"Certain attributes have an upper limit; for example, the upper limit of speed attribute is 50%."
"Therefore, please verify your equipment and skills bonus carefully first before allocating points."
"Otherwise, don't blame me for not having reminded you, ha ha."
"Character point allocation will greatly affect your fighting ability, therefore you have to allocate carefully, before a battle."
"Heh heh, if I were to help you in your allocation, I'll definitely allocate all of them to HP."
"Otherwise, how would you be able to fight enemies, considering what a weak constitution you have."
"What's the function of the Community System?" / "I wanna know tips about the Community System."
"Heh heh, you can set lots of information on your Personal Profile, including your interests and hobbies."
"Go try to share it with your good friends."
"You can get loyalty points after greeting good friends online everyday,"
"and exchange them for items in the Item Mall when you've accumulated enough of them - it's killing two birds with one stone. Ha ha."
"You can speedily connect with your good friends, or form parties, though the Community System."
"I don't want to admit this, but even my army isn't able to exchange information so speedily..."
"Get to know more friends during your journey. I think that will definitely be of help to you."
"What's the demeanor of a gentleman?" / "How do I become a gentleman?"
"You must treat a lady with impeccable manners and look your best,"
"in order to have the bearing that a qualified gentleman should have."
"You don't just speak well, to have a gentleman's demeanor,"
"you must also put words into action by always treating the lady with respect, just as I do."
"To be a true gentleman, one must be cultured and filled with knowledge;"
"of course, if he has excellent combat abilities - like me - that will be even more perfect."
"To become a gentleman, one must be exposed to art and culture for a long period of time; it's not something that you can do overnight."
"Can I touch your tail?" / "Your tail looks like it would be nice to touch."
"Are you kidding me? I'm a great cat, why would I let you touch my tail?"
"I never let anyone touch my tail!"
"Are you taking me for a house cat?"
"I've only let a cute young lady touchd my tail before;"
"hers was such an innocent and naive request - how could I bear to reject her?"
"What a bold and rude request!"
"How dare you ask a cat like me such a question? You've got to prepare yourself for this!"
"How did you get your alias?" / "Why does everyone call you Emperor?"
"I got my alias, "Emperor," naturally, due to the army of cats that I command, of course."
"As everyone is in awe of my capability, they gave me this title, ha ha."
"The title "Emperor" is used for me, by people that I'm not familiar with."
"Only people that I really trust can call me by my name. Of course, that includes you."
"When you have superior capabilities, this world will of course submit to you in awe."
"They do that, and give you a title, to remind themselves that this person is extraordinary."
"In this way, these people put their egos aside, and follow your commands."
"My alias, "Emperor," is certainly the best title that I've won with my glorious victories!"
"Is there any secret to wooing the opposite sex?" / "Can you teach me how to woo the opposite sex?"
"The secret to wooing the opposite sex? Haha, I think you've got your emphasis wrong."
"The emphasis should always be on whether you're a person of value, and that will attract the other person."
"You've found the right person to ask this, I'm an expert in this area."
"Try to cater to the other's likes. Start with the topics that the other person is interested in, so as to close up the gap between you and them."
"Don't be discouraged if the other person doesn't want you, or do something to hurt the other person."
"Be generous, mature and face it with a smile; being friends is a great option too, isn't it?"
"Even though I'm suave and romantic, I'm very serious when it comes to women."
"As long as you're sincere, the other person will slowly come to appreciate your sincerity."
"I wanna know some gossip of other Eidolons." / "Tell me some interesting tidbits about the Eidolons."
"Gigas is a warrior with mighty strength. Word has it that he once fulfilled twelve difficult quests."
"However, I'll put him under my control one day and take him in my army, ha ha."
"Hmmph, according to what I observe, Uzuriel is a deeply shrewd Eidolon."
"Also... she seems to be always covering something with her behavior...."
"She was never just a simple nobody in the past, so you gotta beware of her!"
"Quelkulan is an ally who's good at both attack and defense; he can hurt and save people with his venom."
"It's a pity that he's rather eccentric, so a generous and gracious cat like me can't really get along with him."
"Hahaha! Talking about Bahadur makes me want to fight so much!"
"The underground army that he leads is rather secretive - they've never confronted me directly."
"If there's a chance... No, I must have 300 rounds of battle with him, before I'd call it quits!"
"Have you lost a battle before?" / "Do you have much experience with losing?"
"How could a warrior like me lose a battle? Even if I retreat, it's just a tactical trick!"
"Looks like you don't really know how the world works, let me share with you famous words."
"I come, I see, I conquer."
"Bear this in mind; this is my only and constant way, ha ha ha."
"Ha ha ha, I'll never fight a losing battle!"
"When I was on an expedition to a kingdom in the desert once, I met a..."
"No... That wasn't a failure! It's just that I have not conquered... Yet!"
"Will you be happy if I rub your belly?" / "Do you like to be caressed on the belly?"
"Shut, shut up... Stop saying that..."
"Just mentioning the word "belly" makes me itch all over!"
"Oh my god, please do not mention the word "belly" again, it makes me itch all over!"
"Where do you get such a horrifying idea?! Is caressing a furry belly so pleasurable?"
"Please do not derive pleasure from another's pain..."
"I'm not a kitten, so please do not think of touching my stomach all day long..."
"Who's your biggest enemy?" / "Who's your strongest foe?"
"Whoever dares to block my way will be trampled!"
"Ha ha, who'll dare oppose me still after hearing this?"
"Looking at the line of graves behind me,"
"what foe would dare to stand against me?"
"If there's really someone like this, I'd like to call on them personally, ha ha!"
"Other than that woman... Hmmph. I'll subdue her, sooner or later!"
"What constitutes your empire?" / "What are your goals?"
"Heh heh, the goals I pursue are not things that ordinary people can easily understand..."
"A lot of people misunderstand me. They think that I'm a fool, that I only go after power and desires."
"Actually, these are extras that come in the process of establishing my empire."
"As long as I can reach my goal, I don't really care if I have power or not."
"The empire that I would build is a kingdom larger than any before,"
"one that allows all creatures to live, free of evil, as nature dictates!"
"One must be a great cat before he can accomplish something big."
"You can see that even as a feline emperor, I haven't yet realized my dreams;"
"which is to say that my empire is an enormous plan, ha ha ha!"
"If the time to say goodbye should come, what what will you do after that?" / "What are your plans for if we ever have to part ways?"
"Ha ha ha, do you think you'll be able to escape from me, at some point?"
"Looks like you've not come to as deep an understanding of the world as I'd hoped."
"Don't worry, my information network pretty much covers everything."
"Therefore, even if I go away, for a time, your will still be in my grasp."
"Saying goodbye is part of life, so don't be sad over it."
"Look at the big picture. When you can see the whole world, we'll meet again."
"I'll continue my conquests after we go our separate ways, and build the greatest empire in history."
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