Triple Shot
Cooldown              2.0s
Attack Skill Damage: XXX
Notch three arrows and loose them all at once, dealing heavy damage.
ChargeIcon Hold down the hotkey to charge up the skill for bonus effects:
UpIcon A partial charge will increase skill damage by 50%.
UpIcon A full charge will increase skill damage by 120% and also cause it to hit twice.


Tripleshot-skillicon Triple ShotCooldown 2 seconds GCDIcon 0.9 seconds Physical
Target Enemy
Weapon Type Battle Bow
Level Level 1 (Main)
Level 40 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier 100% (Uncharged)
150% (Half charged)
220% (Fully charged)
Range Single Range 25m
Effect UpIcon When half charged, the skill amplifier is increased by 50%.
UpIcon When fully charged, the skill amplifier is increased by 120% and the skill will hit twice.


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