A list of all conversations between the Envoy and Uriel.

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"Haha! I'm going to help you, whether you ask for it or not!"
"Hey! Now is a bad time to talk."
"Are you sure you want to talk right now? Give me a moment!"
"Take this! Lighter than I thought!"


High Eidolon Energy
"The Envoy's Path must be chosen carefully, because it will directly influence your effectiveness in combat."
"If you want to pursue the ultimate defense, then fortify your armor!"
"Are you envious of my perfect body? Keep working, and you can have one just like it!"
"It's quite interesting to wander around with you. You have all the best enemies, haha!"
"One day I will be the strongest Eidolon in the world!"
"I see a great strength in your eyes."
"You look rather happy today. Did something nice happen?"
"Just tell me when you have any problems. I'll help you, no matter how difficult it is."
"You've beaten so many powerful enemies. Looks like I've underestimated you."
Medium Eidolon Energy
"If you want to take a vacation, please remember to tell me."
"Ha! Perfect timing! I was bored to death!"
"Fighting is such a joy when the enemy provides a challenge."
"Challenging powerful enemies every once and a while would add some spice to your daily routine."
"You look happy. Did something good happen?"
"I want to find out who's stronger: you or me."
"Our recent opponents have been so boring... Could we find a real challenge?"
"One day you'll definitely be as strong as I am!"
"Just tell me what your problem is! I will definitely help you solve it!"
"You look pretty fresh! You must have slept pretty well yesterday!"
Low Eidolon Energy
"You still don't seem to trust me at all..."
"If there's anything that you're unhappy about, just say it. I welcome any kind of criticism!"
"Looks like you completely underestimated my strength..."
"Hemming and hawing really irritates me!"
"Learn from my mouth attacks. Your weak strikes won't do anything!"
"Are you upset with me? Is that why you're so cold?"
"You find me annoying don't you? Have I seen through you?"
"If you don't need my help, just summon some other Eidolon!"
"It's so hard to be straightforward with you!"
"I've always felt that you thought of me as a brother. I never suspected that you didn't trust me at all."


"Is there anything that really breaks your heart?" / "What makes you sad?"
"What? Are you sad? Tell me what's making you sad!"
"Don't be sad, I'm here for you!"
"I'm the saddest when I have to see people I don't like, and... talk to them, and stuff. Ugh."
"At least I can always punch them afterwards! That feels pretty good."
"You know what I mean?"
"Yes. It breaks my heart when I have to answer stupid questions all day long. So why don't you give it a rest, huh?"
"What? Did someone make you sad? Tell me who! I'll go sort 'em out!"
"What do you look for in a partner?" / "What sort of people do you like?"
"Which qualities are important?"
"Hmm, I dunno. I guess I've never really thought about it."
"Afraid of fire?! Not at all. I could hardly be much use as an adventurer if I were, don't you think?"
"Eh? What's that? Don't tell me you have a crush on someone!"
"Hahahahaha! I don't think you're gonna get too far. With a face like yours, I'm probably the only companion you'll ever have!"
"Hahaha! Are you serious? Haha. Bealdor warned me you were going to ask that."
"Huh? He told me you love asking weird and stupid questions."
"Oh yes... Speaking of battles..." / "I've heard you're a real demon on the battlefield!"
"Ah...! Nothing can match the glory and wonder of battle, it's the only thing that make me really feel alive!"
"The scent of blood in the air."
"All the screams and filth and fear."
"I can't wait to get a-killing! All right then, let's go!"
"I'll let you hide behind me if you meet a powerful enemy!"
"Don't worry, I won't let you get hurt! What are you cowering for? Are you afraid of a little fire?"
"Don't be silly. My flame isn't going to hurt you! What do you think I am, some sort of amateur?"
"I know how to wield it properly. What else would I do, use it to cook?"
"What's your favorite weather?" / "What's your favorite season?"
"Definitely a sunny day! Nothing beats flying on a sunny day!"
"Of course, even if it rains, my Divine Flame won't be affected. Didn't you know that?"
"Rainy days are so boring!"
"I don't know so much about seasons... The city I live in doesn't really have seasons. The weather stays the same year-round."
"But the summer is nice and hot in Terra! Just how I like it!"
"I usually hate rainy days! But sometimes it's nice, as long as I'm indoors. I like to listen to the raindrops..."
"What about you? What type of weather do you like?"
"What's your most memorable experience?" / "Did anything ever happen to you that was simply unforgettable?"
"There were indeed some difficult battles in the earlier quests..."
"But they all ended up going okay!"
"Don't just keep asking about me! I want to hear your stories too! Share with me, tell me something funny to cheer me up!"
"I'll never forget the first time when you and I fought together. You were so powerful in battle!"
"We really made a great team. I felt like we had an instinctual understanding. It was great!"
"Come on! Take me out again soon so we can fight together! Let's do it!"
"I was actually surprised to see you for the first time! You were a lot weaker than I was expecting..."
"All the Eidolons had said you were a good fighter."
"I must admit, it was a bit of a letdown when you walked out looking all puny like a dweeb. I suppose perhaps I've just set my standards too high..."
"Have you ever been to Emerald Marsh?" / "What's it like?"
"Well, as far as marshes go, I'd say it's very marshy... If I had a choice, I would choose to not go..."
"But I suppose I can accompany you if you really want to go."
"It's hot, sticky and wet..."
"Basically, it's not very cool at all."
"That place is so damp. I don't understand why anyone would want to live there..."
"But it's always interesting to explore new places! We should go check it out"
"Not a fan! I really don't like wet places..."
"Everyone tells me that the Emerald Marsh is so beautiful..."
"But I really don't like it at all! You'll see why if you ever go visit."
"Are you familiar with the Sky Realm?" / "What could you tell me about it?"
"The Sky Realm? Isn't it the same as the Sky Tower?"
"It's not the same?! What?! Then why does it have such a similar name?"
"Legend has it that a hidden memory will present itself there in the form of a phantom..."
"It's definitely worth going there!"
"In any case, it's definitely the perfect place for battles!"
"Battle, battle, battle!"
"I know! It's just a bunch of people trying to challenge a powerful boss!"
"The Sky Realm is just as exciting as the Sky Tower!"
"Have there been any recent events?" / "Are there any special quests we can go on?"
"Have you checked out the location indicated by a star on the map?"
"Using the map is a basic necessity for adventurers!"
"Instead of partaking in events, I prefer to enter instances and fight against evil Monsters!"
"Move! We shall head out!"
"Hmm... I'm not too sure about that."
"I'd say we ask the Mirabelle Association Clerk about quests."
"Can you teach me how to cook?" / "Have you researched cooking at all?"
"Haha! You're asking the right person. Cooking is my innate talent."
"I've got your daily meals taken care of!"
"It's very simple. All you need to do is get the ingredients, and then mix them all together!"
"Lastly, all you need to do is heat everything up! And voila, so you're done!"
"Not enough fire... Here's everything that you wanted!"
"Each city has its cooking specialists. You can ask them."
"Wait! Don't try to tell me that you wanted to cook on your own! Now you're just being silly!"
"I never thought you'd be the type of person that can cook for themselves."
"Eating cooked food seems to be good for your health, though. You should try it!"
"Could you tell me the trick to fishing?" / "How much do you know about fishing?"
"Just dam up the river! Then you can get as many fish as you want!"
"Why can't you do that? Then how do you get the fish?"
"If you choose the correct fishing bait, you might even be able to catch some special fish types!"
"Instead of asking me, you should ask the people at Anglers Anonymous. I believe they'll know more about fishing than I do."
"You can always ask me anything regarding battles though!"
"You have to try everything once! Go!"
"That thing about left and right hands?" / "Benevolence and justice?"
"If the right hand represents benevolence, the left hand represents justice. Which is your preference?"
"Ah! Still can't learn her ways."
"Me! Two fists represent damage and destruction. Of course, there are people would who call this redemption."
"The only person who would really be into this is Uzuriel,"
"but he has to know that there's a need for justice first."
"I will pretend you didn't ask that."
"The right hand represents benevolence, and if you believe that, you will receive benevolence."
"But, whether you believe it or not, the justice that is represented by the left hand shall prevail!"
"God is so unreasonable, much like you humans, isn't that right?"
"You're pretty skilled!" / "Your attacking skills are so powerful!"
"As long as you continue to hone your skills, you'll be able to do it!"
"Plus I'll be supporting you! When you need me most, I will protect you!"
"I am a part of this group, after all. If that's not strong enough..."
"Hmm? Oops! Slip of the tongue... Could you forget that?"
"Haha! I have some thoughts about your attacking style."
"Perhaps we could compare notes. If you don't care, I'll turn you into charcoal!"
"Hahaha, just kidding! That look of worry on your face! You look so cute!"
"Under these conditions... No, you don't need to know that."
"If I say too much, I might cause you unnecessary trouble."
"I heard that you once joined the Moonshadow band." / "You formed a band?"
"Yes... But there was one day when I was so happy that I accidentally burnt down the whole venue."
"And Cesela never talked to me after that."
"I was only trying my best to brighten up the place!"
"What? Your news travels fast!"
"Don't look at me like that. I'm a talented singer and good at other things too!"
"Haha! Is Cesela still in the band?"
"I heard that she found Gigas for the position of male vocalist. How should I say this?"
"I think that Cesela come looking for me again soon!"
"Do you like music at all? Haha! Don't you like that?"
"That way we can form a band. I'm a good singer!"
"What about the Fire of God?" / "What about the Light of God?"
"Wow! Where did you hear about that? How embarrassing!"
"Haha! It's just a title, like God's Left-hand Man."
"But... My flame now burns for a greater purpose."
"My flame can be used for destruction, but also can bring a light of hope."
"But for now, the flame exists to protect you."
"Wherever the flame goes, it burns away sin, and purifies evil."
"But with good, there's bad. I am both savior and death!"
"Wahaha! No, I can't help but laugh out loud!"
"What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolon?" / "Tell me something interesting about other Eidolon."
"I'm going to tell you a secret. Uzuriel and I both come from..."
"Oh! Never mind. I can't bring myself to speak those words. Something might happen to you because of this and it'll be my fault."
"Even if they come for you, I will still protect you!"
"I heard that the original Hansel and Gretel house is hidden in another world - somewhere in books."
"That's cool! That's REALLY cool! I am so envious!"
"Then I am the raging Hellfire that transforms into the Heavenly Defender! Bahaha! Never mind!"
"Astraea and Diao Chan are always practicing together in order to enhance their combat skills."
"Every time I try to join them, Diao Chan always tells me to look for Alucard or Bealdor."
"I don't understand why. Why do I have to be with them?"
"I think Hel is a very attractive girl!"
"But every time I talk to her, I always feel like Bealdor is looking at me strangely."
"Hmm. What should I say to Bealdor?"
"Do you know Sariel?" / "How is Sariel?"
"Already dead. Please don't bring up that name again."
"How do you know this name? Those who know it are usually... well..."
"Just forget that name. Don't say that I didn't warn you."
"During quests, don't call me Uriel."
"You should've already known that! The true colors of Sariel!"
"This... Should I say knew it, or not?"
"Always avoiding you, Uzuriel." / "Is Uzuriel avoiding you?"
"Just let her keep avoiding me."
"I'm not too bothered about what happened, but Uzuriel seems to be caught up in the past."
"One day she'll have to face up to it and she'll have to explain herself."
"Ah?! Oh really? And here I thought that I was over-thinking it."
"Really? I didn't really pay much attention to that."
"Why are your wings black?" / "What do the black wings represent?"
"If you had the option, would you choose the white wings or the black ones?"
"I think that giving up the wings is just trying to escape from reality."
"Wings will definitely change from white to black after going through so many bloodbaths."
"But I don't regret a thing!"
"It's probably one of the reasons why I've chosen to come here."
"It represents determination with no regrets!"
"But... If there ever comes a day when I'm possessed by an evil power,"
"you'd help me, right? Just as I accompany you..."
"The boxing gloves accent these clothes really well!" / "You look good with those clothes!"
"First Clue! That mark on the boxing gloves looks awfully familiar."
"Second Clue! I know you must've seen this mark somewhere."
"Looks like it's Uzu... Ah! I accidentally said the answer..."
"Really? I'll just say this..."
"You're looking good! Your clothes really suit you."
"Of course. Not only that, but they'll be able to withstand high temperatures!"
"They'd even withstand my flames!"
"Normally I'm not so interested in clothes,"
"but it's good that you like them. Your feedback matters!"
"Have you thought about what your life will be like after we part ways?" / "What would you do if we had to say goodbye?"
"Haha! It's a bit too early to say that!"
"Wah! That's a surprising question. Have I angered you in any way?"
"Don't be angry. Allow me to apologize!"
"Fret not. Those Monsters should just give up already!"
"I won't let you die on my watch."
"With such a large world, why can't I find anywhere else to go?"
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