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User Bermuda - Khleo

Hi, I am Bermuda. I am an administrator of Aura Kingdom Wiki.

I have been an editor of Fandom (formerly Wikia) since 2010. My knowledge of the tools of editing and administrating are a bit fair, if I say so myself. Regardless of my activity status on Fandom, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help out whenever needed.

On Aura Kingdom, I have been a player since Closed Beta of 2013. I currently main Khleo, a Reaper/Sorcerer, who I am trying to level up in order to access high level content. I may sometimes take breaks from time to time, but somehow I manage to land back into this game (totally not because I wasted money on this game Emoticon-cry).

To-do listEdit


  • Icons - highest priority
  • Improve templates
  • Navigation templates
  • Template documentation
  • Categories
  • Articles are adhering to the standards
  • Project pages (Policies, etc.)

Refining recipesEdit

  • Level 40: incomplete
  • Level 50: incomplete
  • Level 60: incomplete
  • Level 65: incomplete
  • Level 70: incomplete
  • Level 80: incomplete


Dungeon MonstersEdit

Important linksEdit


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