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  • My occupation is Coding/Scripting -03/08/2012-
Greetings! I started editing this wiki on November 21st, 2013. I got admin rights on December 3rd, 2013, thanks to Merrystar (you can find her on Community Central or the Muppet Wiki)!

Anyway, I do not play the game anymore, so my job here is just to help out the members around the wiki when they need the help, especially on anything related to wiki stuff and not Aura Kingdom stuff. I may not be as active as before, so do not expect me to reply as soon as possible.

Something to Say About AK

When I started editing this wiki, I did not exactly help make the wiki better and had lots of messy names and stuff with images and pages. If only I could play again, I would try to have most of the stubs and missing pages completed.

During the time Aura Kingdom was first released in English servers, I chose Duelist as my main class even though after that, I came to like the Ravager class very much. Since I did not like to create that many characters, I stay stuck to my first character for wiki purposes. The reason I chose the Duelist is because they use "blades" and I always loved the Thief classes but they have shorter weapons, so after Brawler came out, I tried it out but I called quits on AK after that.

My To-do List in this Wiki
  • Just helping out whenever I can.

Alright, my page is not that cool to look at, so it is just pretty plain. I have experienced a lot of these weird types of user pages, but I'd like to keep my page a little more documented.

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