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To-Bug ListEdit

This list has been (somewhat) moved to the Discord!

This is a list about what to bug about. If you're reading this, this is purely nitpicking! This list can be completed later on when they have free time, so no rush at all. Nitpicking at its best!

When completing a task, please erase or leave a note here to make sure I know it!

Top-priority tasksEdit

  • Create essential pages like Gaia Chronicles, Card Duel and other pages.
  • Update terminology pages.
  • Get the universal Item Template done.

Medium-priority tasksEdit

  • Update everything you see and desire.'
  • Screenshot all the pets and costumes.
  • Add Eidolon conversations/wishes.
  • Add monster pages.
  • Add all the materials.
  • Revamp food pages.
    • I'm planning to revamp the food category, because let's face it; no one will find the specific food they wanna find when searching. Instead, we should just categorize them through colors and add an "see also" header. --Kyara39 (wall) 11:42, January 24, 2017 (UTC)
  • Create a Fortification Scroll Template that looks like Advanced Weapon Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable)'s layout but with blackness.
  • Add a Duel Card Passive Template for NPCs. Should look like this.
  • Create a Costume Enchantment Card Template and a Enchantment Card Template. Preferably, add the "cannot trade" as an optional setting for accuracy. Adding it for LP ones would be nice too.
  • Update the Currency Template with new currency like dragon points and stuff. Also, the dragon point icon kinda looks low-quality? (looks at data-miners)
  • Update the timetable template with this layout.

Low-priority tasksEdit

  • Expand the etymology section on Eidolon pages.
  • Dark Flare Trap on the Gunslinger page is showing an incorrect icon (this is how the correct one looks like).
  • Use a bot to rename Hats > Hat under Category:Orange-Quality_Headwear pages.
  • Create guides (if you're up to it) on the forum.
  • Expand the item sub-thingies on the wiki navigation according to color and stuff once created.
  • Custom/Dyeable costumes should have their own category too.
  • Some of the pages under here should be candidates for deletion, or simply renamed properly.

Will update this nitpicking later/runs!


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Btw, I found some interesting stuff to improve the layout! Make sure to check it out to see if it can be to use. - Kyara

  • Er...I'm not sure how to use any of this.. x.x lol But most of it definitely seems like it could be used somewhere.. >.> Ntm...I feel like I've seen some of the files in the list of "Unused" files actually used. ._. So some of them may be duplicates. - Storm
    • Yeah I know, but it's still good stuff for layout. Maybe you can find some use of them one day? - Kyara
      • I was able to use a couple of the cursor images so that the cursor changes when you're on a page of our wiki. :3 lol Might be able to use some others...but I'm not sure what to use them for exactly. :x - Storm

Okay so...would it be a bad idea to create separate pages for the sets of armor/fishing gear? :o Like...for armor, we could make a Sniper Set page, and link all the different pieces, and list the gear bonuses for having the full set. :o And for fishing, we could make a Grand Duke's Fishing Set page, and do the same thing. :o - Storm

  • No it wouldn't. I feel like the "Set" pages should be categories, not pages and then just dump the bonus set there. Otherwise, pretty solid. - Kyara
    • Hm...that could work. :o Thinking it might be nice to have a template to show the bonuses for a set though...just to make it look better. lol Just gotta plan it out. x.x; - Storm

Links to AK illustrators on pixivEdit

Mostly for me! o3o:

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