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Hiya guys! Not too sure on what all to put I guess I'll go with the basics. I'm currently in the process of studying to become a game developer because I love video games (obviously), and I also have a pipe-dream of creating true virtual reality gaming along the lines of Sword Art Online (and considering how much I already know about makes it real frustrating seeing the profound amount of glitches that Aura Kingdom has). As far as the Wikia goes, I seem to be in charge of creating templates and all of the quests pages, so for now I'll be working on those. Once I'm done with the main quests, I'll probably move out and work on side quests and any of the missing pages that are linked to in the quests pages (ie:items/monsters/npcs/etc). However, I also tend to move around a lot and work on other edits like Eido wishes and random game info. x3 Got any questions or requests? Ask away!


Merrilee Yui
Gigas AFK
Aelius Solaire
Abraxas N/A
Eligos N/A
Sigrun N/A
Uzuriel Anna
Tanith N/A
Maja N/A
Bel-Chandra N/A
Vayu N/A
Nazrudin Drakion
Yarnaros YARB
Ghodroon Groudon
Quelkulan N/A
Zaahir N/A
Cyril N/A
Kotonoha N/A
Tigerius Caesar N/A
Bahadur N/A
Tsubaki N/A
Cleopawtra N/A
Serena N/A
Endora N/A
Vermilion N/A
Shirayuki Mizore
Kaiser Zeta Optimus
Hel Rias
Alucard N/A
Bealdor Kiba
Kusanagi Akeno
Hansel & Gretel N/A
Astraea N/A
Cesela N/A
Diao Chan N/A
Uriel Ban Emoticon-nosebleed
Amaterasu N/A
Alice N/A
Ayako Fenrir

Emoticon-sad Now just missing Lucifer, Wonhwa, Chronos, Muse, Freya, Faust, and Zashiki Warashi Emoticon-cry


I'm logged in ALL the time, but usually I'm not actually at my pc. o3o So if you need something, just leave a message, and I'll get around to it as soon as I can!

PS: If anyone has any tips on other majors I should pursue for my dream (see 'About Me') then just drop me a message! It would be very much appreciated!


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