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Aura Kingdom Wiki

♥ My Wiki To-Do List

  • Make weapon mastery pages for Shinobi and other classes that are missing
  • Create weapon and armor pages
  • Make conversation pages for Eidolons who don't have theirs yet
  • Guardian Knight add-ons
  • Updating and detailing terminology pages
  • Creating Achievement pages
  • Revamping and creating food/drink pages
  • Crate pages for transformation tools
  • Detail pages such as Gaia Chronicles, Card Dueling, other professions, etc
  • Fill in missing information on environment pages
  • Create quest pages
  • Complete wiki collection of costumes
  • Making sure the Eidolon's database is filled with as much information as possible
  • Completing dungeon pages

♥ Current Projects

Self-projects I'm doing to create templates, page setups, and a lot more.

Main article: User:Tsurumi/Sandbox

♥ Contact

I'm always online. Ever need me don't be scared to shout out to me by mail or private message. Or if you want to contact while I'm not in-game, send me a message through here or on Discord.

  • Discord ID: Rumi#4444