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Hello my name is Rumi and Welcome to my all guide on how to be OP in AK! I'm a pinkie Ravager whose only talent is destroying everything.. It's great! But sometimes it gets out of hand. sweatdrop. Nonetheless! Today, I'm going to teach you all about how to be OP~

Class & Subclass

First things first, all classes can be overpowered. However, DPS classes are more likely to be successful and do more damage output than other non-DPS classes.

Envoypath-guardian Envoypath-ravager Envoypath-duelist Envoypath-gunslinger Envoypath-grenadier Envoypath-bard Envoypath-wizard Envoypath-sorcerer Envoypath-brawler Envoypath-ranger Envoypath-ronin Envoypath-necromancer Envoypath-holysword Envoypath-shinobi

If you want to do the most damage as possible, I would recommend choosing Ravager, Crusader (Holy Sword), or Shinobi (considering its still broken). But if you want to be daring or you just like another class and try a non-DPS class pick any others!


Now that you chose your main class, it's time to chose your sub class. I will list recommendations based on the main class you have. Search for yours and I will explain on why you should go with that subclass. But, again all classes can be powerful.

  • Ravager: Bard, Holy Sword, Shinobi
  • Guardian: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Duelist: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Wizard: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Gunslinger: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Grenadier: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Ronin: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Crusader: Bard, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Shinobi: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager
  • Bard: Holy Sword, Sorcerer, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Brawler: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Warbow: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Sorcerer: Bard, Holy Sword, Ravager, Shinobi
  • Reaper: Bard, Holy Sword, Shinobi, Ravager

After searching you must be thinking, "Oh Rumi why do you have Bard, Ravager, Shinobi, and Holy Sword on all main classes?" Well because these four go great with every other class. Bard has Ballad a skill that increases DMG output (when fortified), and increases Boss DMG by 12%. While Holy Sword has great DMG output and a DEF Shredder, Dry Bones. This class also has a stun, a CC (Crowd Control), Gap Closer skill and the capability of increasing their skill damage amplifier by charging skills. Ravager has two stuns (I don't usually use Aftershock, a Gap Closer, a Crowd Control, and the ability to increase damage by 20% through full Rage.

Shinobi is better a main class, but it can still be a good sub. Their skill Razor Wind can be fortified to decrease an enemy's DEF by 12% and Shuriken Toss's debuff can stack up to 5 times, decreasing DEF. It's not as powerful as a flat number such as Holy Sword's Dry Bones. However it still shreds it's DEF. Shinobi also has many skills that increase damage, such as Blood Corruption and Shuriken Storm.

Class Attributes

Each class has their own elemental advantages. It is good to apply this element to your main weapon to enhance the power of the skill. Here's the list for what elements go to which classes.

  • Ravager: Fire Enhances Ravager's strongest skill: Flame Slash
  • Guardian: Electric Brings greater power to Thunder Cut and can be spammed.
  • Duelist: Ice (Recommended) or Light
  • Wizard: Fire Flame for hard hits of Meteor Shot
  • Gunslinger: Storm
  • Grenadier: Ice or Fire (Recommended). Ice for hard hits or Flame for increase in skill amplifier and spamming.
  • Ronin: Storm or Fire. Storm to enhance Black Swallow and flame for hard hitting by using Brilliant Dragon Flash
  • Crusader: Light (Recommended) or Electric. Holy to make Smiter's Edge stronger and Lightning for harder hits with Divine Thunderstrike
  • Shinobi: Storm to enhance Razor Wind
  • Bard: Storm (Recommended) or Light. Storm for better DPS. Holy for better healing.
  • Brawler: Electric or Fire. Lightning for Electrocution and Flame for Sparks and Flames
  • Warbow: Light or Dark. Holy for harder impact by using the skill Arrow of Light or Dark for Dimensional Shot
  • Sorcerer: Dark for their multiple dark skills
  • Reaper: Dark for dark skills

It is also good to have your Body Armor to be the main element of your respective class to avoid damage of that element.

Envoy's Path


Weapon Mastery

Offensive, Defensive, & Derived Stats

Detailed List


Weapon & Armor


I'm going to kindly tell you something nicely about what Armor cores you should use.. DO NOT USE IMPERIAL ON EVERYTHING, IMBOCILE! I admit, move speed is great. But you don't have to go crazy on it like it's cocaine, alright? Just using it on your trophies and accessories pertaining to gear is good enough. Honestly if you want to use Imperial no one's stopping you. Emoticon-stare

Moving on.. Let's start with weapon cores. For your main class, you should chose Barbed (DMG +2%) or Destroyer (20% chance to decrease target's DEF by 10% for 8secs.) Either one of these two is good. Some people use Deadly (CRIT DMG +15%) and Shocking (20% chance to stun target for 2secs). They aren't recommended, but they are nice.

Now for Armor Cores. Don't use imperial, I repeat. For Armor, it's best to use Bestial (DMG & HP +1%) or Spiky (DMG & DEF +1%). I personally use Bestial on my top set and Spiky on my bottom set. And for my accessories and trophies, I use Imperial. You can do the same thing as me, mix match, all of one type of core, whatever you desire! As long as you have Bestial and/or Spiky cores.


Star Fusion

This one is fairly easy and obvious. Starring your weapons gives you higher damage and starring armor gives you more HP. It's recommended to 5 star all your equipment.

Secret Stones

Secret Stones are great skill damage increasers. Spamming your Tokens Token for your main classes' armor secret stones is a good way to increase your damage output. Where to buy 'em? Your class master in Navea! The best armor secret stones you should aim for is Destroying or Cursebreaker with the second stat as DMG +2%. The DMG +2% increases your Boss DMG. The better weapon secret stones is Lava. For both armor and weapon secret stones, it's best to have the level of it the same as your level. However, it cannot go any higher than your actual level.

Your weapon's secret stone should look like this.

Lava secret stone
Lava Raging Slash Secret Stone
Secret Stone
Secret Stone Level 90
Raging Slash Damage + ??
DMG +7%
CRIT Rate +2%
DMG +2%

Can be inlaid, extracted, and upgraded through the Secret Stone Merchants in all cities and towns.

Armor Secret Stone:

Golden Flame Slash Secret Stone
Secret Stone
Secret Stone Level 90
Flame Slash Damage + ??
Flame Slash Crit Damage +15%
DMG +2%

Can be inlaid, extracted, and upgraded through the Secret Stone Merchants in all cities and towns. Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.

Sometimes, getting Destroying with DMG +2% is very difficult. So at least having your secret stone at a decent level and the stat as DMG +2% you'll do just fine.


Gaia Emblem


Who's your favorite Eidolon? Well that wouldn't matter if you want to be OP! (Unless you're super rich then you can reroll your favorite Eidolon like mad.) Anyways though.. The best Eidolon is Hel. She bears a stun, DEF shedder, and her buff- awesome! Just about all eidolons who have DMG buffs on Star I and III are perfect. Or if you want to be able to do more damage in small little time, use Eidolons with Attack SPD buffs and DMG. Examples of eidolons who have those buffs are: Lumikki, Yumikaze, Eligos, and Yarnaros.

Foods & Drinks

Who's hungry? Foods and drinks are essential for stat increases. But what foods and drinks are the best? Well don't you worry, I'm here to tell you that.

The best in the game as of now is the Gourmet Creme Brulee and Royal Jelly Tea. The Brulee increases DMG, SPD, and gives you a chance for a triple strike and the Tea gives an EVA boost and also triple strike, all for 6 hours ! Who wouldn't want that? I wish there were other foods and drinks like these ones or even better ones.. Getting a little tired of eating Crème Brulee and drinking Tea with it. Sigh what it takes to be strong..


Tonics & Elixirs



Eidolon Wishes

Fishing Gear

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