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  • I was born on February 10
  • I am Female

You can be anything you choose to be.

♥ About Me

Hi person on my profile page! I'm formerly known as Tsurumi in-game, but everyone calls me Rumi.

  • I'm 17 years old, weigh about 100lbs, and I'm 4 foot 11. Yes I know I'm short OwO. I have black & blonde hair, caramel colored skin, and I'm from the U.S.
  • My favorite things to do is read, draw, write novels, binge watch on netflix, and eat. (mostly strawberries) ' w '
  • My favorite things are real and stuffed animals, the colors blue and pink, and helping others.
  • I'm pretty enthusiastic, kind and reliable, but push me the wrong way will make me hate you. Emoticon-tease

♥ My Eidolons

I strive to get 'em all~

♥ My Wiki To-Do List

This is my to-do list to work on whenever I can't find something to edit on the wiki Emoticon-blush

  • Make weapon mastery pages for Shinobi and other classes that are missing
  • Create weapon and armor pages
  • Make conversation pages for Eidolons who don't have theirs yet
  • Create the page for Alchemy
  • Guardian Knight add-ons
  • Updating and detailing terminology pages
  • Creating Achievement pages
  • Revamping and creating food/drink pages
  • Crate pages for transformation tools
  • Detail pages such as Gaia Chronicles, Card Dueling, other professions, etc
  • Fill in missing information on environment pages
  • Create quest pages
  • Complete wiki collection of costumes \o/

♥ Current Projects

Self-projects I'm doing to create templates, page setups, and a lot more.

Main article: User:Tsurumi/Sandbox

♥ Contact

I'm usually always online. Ever need me don't be scared to shout out to me by mail or private message. Or if you want to contact while I'm not in-game, send me a message through here or on Discord!

  • Discord ID: tsuntsun#4444
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