Greetings, Envoys! Yesterday we received a new patch with plenty of updates (sorry, no Shuriken yet!). Below is the patch notes.

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Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal
Location: Silent Ice Field (600,260)
Level 75+
Party mode 5 players, entry recharges 1 entry every 6 hours
After defeating the last boss, Diao Chan may spawn. Level 85 Gold Accessories and a brand new Secret Stone can also drop.
Titan's Root
Location: Rainmist Reach (650,670)
Level 75+
Solo and Party, 1 entry per 2 hours
Cadilla Felwood
Location: Emerald Marsh (110,500)
Level 75+
Solo and Party, 1 entry per 2 hours
Both dungeons have the chance of spawning Uriel after defeating the last boss. Level 75 Gold Accessories, Unidentified Lv80 Armor Recipes, or new Lv85 Gold Equipment may also drop.

Notable updates

  • Otherworld Chest HP has its HP and DEF increased.


Alucard White Day

Alucard's 3-star form in all his glory

New Eidolons
Eternia, Goddess of Time
Yumikaze, Flower Knight
New 3-star form
Alucard Emoticon-fight
3-star buffs
All Eidolons will be able to receive their 3-star buffs. Note, some Eidolons may not have a 3-star form yet, so the transformation button will be locked.
Idle poses
All Eidolons will now randomly have idle poses while being immobile.

Gaia Chronicle

New maps and two new chapters available for you to reach to level 75 Rank cap.

Trial of Gods
Day of the Week Element Pets Eidolons
Monday Holy Luminous Blade Aristeia Serena / Bel-Chandra
Tuesday Fire Firesaber Insidius Aelius / Yarnaros
Wednesday Ice Watersaber Parvati Serena / Bel-Chandra
Thursday Storm Windsaber Medusa Aelius / Yarnaros
Friday Lightning Thundersaber Indra Serena / Bel-Chandra
Weekends Darkness -- --
A new stage dedicated to Hel and Gram will be available for a limited time. It is divided into 4

different courses ranging from simple to extremely difficult. Don’t give up, available prizes for completing stages include incredibly rare Eidolon Purification Scrolls​.

Rank Bonus
45 Max HP +477
50 Additional 5th Team of the Gaia Chronicles
55 Eidolon Chronicle Team’s ATK +2%
60 Additional 6th Team of the Gaia Chronicles
65 Damage +768
70 3% discount at the Chronicle NPC

New PvP Gear

New level 80 PvP weapons, armor, and accessories are available from the NPC in Navea (806, 668).

Level 70 PvP gear will be halved in price.

New Housing Ranks

Housing Rank Bonus
7 10 extra spaces in your housing warehouse, +60 housing points
8 3% Reduction from merchants
9 20 extra spaces in your housing warehouse, +80 housing points.
10 Max HP +1261

Rank 7 requires crafting of level 5 and 6 furniture. To reach Rank 10, level 7+ furniture must be crafted. Thus, new furniture recipes can be purchased from the chest in the house.

New Eidolon statues can now be placed in your house!
They can be obtained through Gaia connection, certain Housing shops, or from opening Secret Treasure Chests in various instances.
Housing Bank
The Housing Bank is now available in your house, allowing you to check your personal storage without having to exit your house just to go to a local warehouse.

Other features

Item Lock function
There is a new Item lock function in players backpack. Player will be able to lock items in backpack to avoid trading the wrong items or deleting the wrong items.
Costume enchantment transfer
Players will be able to transfer current enchantment effects to another costume by using a scroll. Note that using this scroll will bind the old costume. Full rules and operation of the scroll are in its description.
Green quality enchantments will be changed to blue quality. To avoid confusion, green enchantments currently on costumes will remain ​green.
Archaeology treasure map
The new maps have been added to the Mysterious Treasure Map, meaning you now can obtain high ­level maps when identifying them.
The selling price for maps uncovered in digging have been lowered. The selling price of the Mysterious Treasure map scroll has been now reduced to 10 tokens.
Materials Optimization
Some materials can now be sold in exchange for money (1 silver). The guild merchant will sell new


New event
Dragon Boat Festival
Level requirement 30+
Location: Cactakara Forest
Rewards: Event-exclusive food and more
Item Mall update
We have many new costumes, mounts, and ornaments in store. Check them out in the Costume Previews in the in­game Item Mall, and keep a weather eye out for new releases!

Known issues

  • GM chat ­ a new feature shows the moderator in game chat beginning with a M icon (so when a gm speaks with you in game the chat will begin with a M icon). Unfortunately the M icon is not implemented yet and will appear as a string of text.
  • Eternia eidolon buff ­ Time shift the localization is missing and will be added by the next patch
  • Otherworld Titan’s root (Party) ­ Boss list ­ Mushroom Titan is listed twice
  • Furniture Design Treasure Chest ­ Missing localization for levels 7 ­ 8 option
  • Furniture crafting ­ Missing localization for four new items (boat in a bottle and maiden wardrobe)
  • Event: Dragon Boat ­ Missing localization ­ will be added by the next maintenance
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