Greetings! I know it might be a little too late, but just so you know this was also posted on the official website at AGE. The below are some details that our wiki will have as new contributions!

  • Paragon Table has been added and can be accessed by pressing the "i" key. Check out the guide.
  • Brawler class has been released.
  • The Sky Tower 40 person raid dungeon is now available.
  • Two new zones: Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert along with Ghostweep Cave and Ozymand Temple dungeons.
  • Four level 60 Otherworld dungeons: Alabastren Temple, Gydaie Glen, Miner's Steppe, Helonia Coast.
  • The Valentines event has been added. Speak to Astra and the cauldron next to her in Helonia Coast at X:352 Y:160.
  • The Lunar New Years event has been added. Speak to Erwin in Helonia Coast at X:501 Y:158 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fireworks can be improved by speaking to the NPC at X:466 Y:151.
  • A second Lunar New Years event has been added at the Mirabelle's Bulletin Board in Candeo Marsh. It's available Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Fishing feature has been added.
  • The Beautiful Scarf has been added to the Item Mall allowing the completion of the quest Beautiful Scarf.

Have a nice time until even more better patches await to come for Aura Kingdom!

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