As it was announced in the official website of Aura Kingdom, new content are patching up for February 11th, 2014, and some great releases that are going to take place soon are from livestream:

  • 2/5 Preview: Sky Tower
  • 2/6 Preview: New Class: Brawler (Formerly known as the Katar)
  • 2/7 Preview: 2 New Maps + 4 New Dungeons
  • 2/8 Preview: Livestream with GMShock!
  • 2/10 Preview: Ranking System/Rewards, Fishing System, Valentines and Chinese New Year Events
  • 2/11 Preview: Patch Notes

Some discussions about this new patch can be found at the Forums.

Have you got some opinions such as Chinese New Year events being late instead of last week?, the Katar class finally released in the game but the name was a shock?, new dungeons and maps that you are ready for?, going to adventure out in the Sky Tower and know what floor it should be starting at?, etc.

Well, KeyCode personally thinks that the Katar class' name was a bit too stunning, and I had it knowing all along from some other sites... *sigh*.

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