Greetings! I know it might be a little too late, but just so you know this was also posted on the official website at AGE. The below are some details that our wiki will have as new contributions!

  • Ranger class has been released (check it out!)
  • Lament of the Thunder Dragon King dungeon is available in Crescent Hill (X:895 Y:649).
  • Whirlpool Abyss dungeon has been added in Helonia Coast (X:371 Y:318). Nazrudin Key Fragments can be obtained here. It is open on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • NPC Dyer in Helonia Coast (X:363 Y:273) has been added. He sells Fusion Formulas for Lv 65 yellow Nazrudin weapons.
  • Sky Tower levels 11-15 can be completed.
  • 50 vs 50 Centurion Battlefield has been added. It is open Monday through Friday at 4pm and 8pm EST.
  • New Envoy's Path skills have been added to all classes. Some are duplicates and stack. This is intentional. Envoy's Paths have been reset for all characters.

Have a nice time until even more better patches await to come for Aura Kingdom!

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