Oh goodness...another blog, here it comes! After a very long time, a lot of Eidolons have been slowly appearing. Well, as expected or estimated that these would come, this blog is only a heads up. As mentioned in the official website of Aura Kingdom, a new Eidolon is joining the game! The name is Kaiser Zeta and it is really weird in my opinion. It will be released on May 8th, 2014, along with the content patch! (Very sorry, there is no banner and or image for this Eidolon).

Eidolon - Kaiser Zeta

Eidolon - Kaiser Zeta


No description is known for this Eidolon yet... but if any player catches this Eidolon, be sure to give us a real and accurate description written in the Eidolon profile! Thanks so much for reading!

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