Hey, people! Aeria Games just announced that the game Aura Kingdom has officially launched on January 6th, 2013 at 6:00 PST, Pacific Time. Here are some of the cool things that posted:

Level cap increased to 75.
• Content cap increased to 60. Note, there are some quests that have objectives in zones that are not yet released.
• Three new zones: Demarech Mines, Triatio Highlands, and Candeo Marsh
• New Dungeons: Miner's Steppe, Deep's Cavern, and Candeo Core
• Fight Club has been added in Navea 520 303.
NPC Analisa and gear refining has been implemented in Navea 815 430.
Potions can be crafted in Navea 800 470.
• Eleven additional dance moves have been added.
• Quest dialogue with NPC Nate no longer displays Nate instead of the player character.
• Chat settings save so they don't have to be reset upon log-in.
• Undiscovered Eidolons no longer appear partially rendered.
Mail returned to sender with attached items no longer appear in returners inbox.
• NPC names have spaces in the map drop down menus.
• Various localization fixes.

See you all in Open Beta. Look forward to the game!

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