• Kyara39

    Entry for the Tyr's Romantic Story event. The 200 word limit was killing me lol.


    “Hey Ayako… you’re not here to bite my arm again right?”

    “Of course not! Not today, at least,” Ayako said sheepishly. “But anyway, guess what Diao Chan gave me?”

    Tyr shook his head. Since it was Ayako he was dealing with, he couldn’t possibly decline. Besides, it was probably something food-related, knowing the glutton.

    And right he was. On the front of the box she held out, the package seemed to depict some sort of snack. Sticks coated in chocolate, he assumed, and in large, bold text “Gaia’s Pocky” was written.

    “Is it a new snack?” he asked.

    “Yup! Diao Chan said that today you have to celebrate by sharing it with your friend!”

    “Well, that sounds nice. Why don…

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  • Kyara39

    Another month, another producer letter. Apologies that we haven't posted the previous ones, but here it is! As usual, here's the official statement.

    Not much this month, but here's a TL DR anyway:

    • The restart bug on world bosses is being worked on, but may take a while.
    • They're still working on the PvP Level Brackets.
    • The wedding system (aka Guardian Knight Lv6+) has been released (you can read the details on it here).
    • Ticket support has now been improved, but expect some delayment as they're just getting back on their feet.
    • Dragon Mounts can now be obtained from Dragon Mount Mystery Boxes in the Webmall.
    • The team is expecting a new team challenge from us! Go to the official statement to suggest a challenge if you want. You can watch last month's challen…
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  • Kyara39

    29th November 2016 Patch!

    December 2, 2016 by Kyara39

    Late to the party, I know, but here's the patch! As always, here's the official statement.

    Muse has officially been added to the game! For more info of her, refer to her page.

    Here's her skill effects:

    • Amplified Assault: Stuns Target; duration 4 sec; cooldown 8 sec
    • Danceable Distraction: Target can't be healed; duration 8 sec; cooldown 9.9 sec
    • Glorious March: Party members recover HP by 8% of DMG received; duration 8 sec; cooldown 29.8 sec

    Bealdor 3-star is out! You can see it on the wiki page.

    Like GM_Mechium said, fangirling is allowed~

    It's that time of the year, right? Go and find two new Lv25. daily events! Both are located in Crescent Hill (X:719, Y:494) and you can get a Christmas Tree to put in your House!

    What's better to get into Christma…

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  • Kyara39

    November 2016 Patch!

    November 10, 2016 by Kyara39

    New patch got released yesterday! Like most patches, there are a bunch of new content! Here's the link to the official patch notes.

    Previously known as Freyja, Harmonia is now officially released in the game! Head over to her page for more info.

    • After reaching Level 80, players will receive a quest [Lv. 80 Time Library] which will take them to the new instance, home to Eternia.
    • Watch out! This dungeon’s difficult!
    • 1 entry every 24 hours, starting at 6am
    • 6 Stages, each with greater stat reduction upon players.
    • After completion, players have a chance to receive a LV.80 Gold Attack Mastery book, a Lv.80 *Unidentified Skill Mastery Book, or a third item, which you can collect enough of to obtain a Lv.80 Gold Skill Mastery with 20000 dragon points.
    • Yo…

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  • Kyara39

    Producer Letter November 2016

    November 10, 2016 by Kyara39

    Producer Letter was released not too long ago! Check it out hereeeeeeeeeeeee!

    If you're lazy to read it all, here's a TL DR:

    • They're working on balancing the new world bosses in both rewards and fun. Might take a while tho.
    • Vote your Eidolon promotion is retiring for now. Whether or not it'll get revamped, return or be gone for good is a discussion in Aeria's side.
    • There are currently some technical issues with the ticketing system, but they're working on it. There may be a delay when receiving an answer tho.
    • AKUS has a discord channel!
    • Dante was released exclusively for Halloween. For now he's unavailable.
    • When the team revealed themselves to us, they wanted challenges. Head over to the official link to suggest!
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