Late to the party, I know, but here's the patch! As always, here's the official statement.

New Eidolon - Muse

Muse has officially been added to the game! For more info of her, refer to her page.

Here's her skill effects:

New 3-Star Form - Bealdor

Bealdor 3-star is out! You can see it on the wiki page.

Like GM_Mechium said, fangirling is allowed~ Emoticon-nosebleed

Christmas Event

It's that time of the year, right? Go and find two new Lv25. daily events! Both are located in Crescent Hill (X:719, Y:494) and you can get a Christmas Tree to put in your House!

New Christmas Loading Screen

What's better to get into Christmas mood with a Christmas loading screen?

Alchemy & Refinery Improvement

Crafting an item now takes 1 second instead of 3. I*ll take it!

New World Boss Lucky Packs

The rewards of the new world bosses has been adjusted.

  • 4 (Custom) Costumes in each Lucky Pack
  • 15 x Secret Stone Randomizer (NT)
  • Weapon Appearance Transfer Scroll (NT)
  • Supreme Equipment Restructuring Solution - Gold, Purple, Orange - in both tradable and non-tradable versions
  • 10 x Advanced Weapon Fortification Scroll 3 (NT)
  • 10 x Advanced Armor Fortification Scroll 3 (NT)
  • 5 x Advanced Accessory Fortification Scroll (NT)
  • 10 x Premium Treasure Charm (NT)
  • 5 x Super Treasure Charm (NT)
  • 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 9,000 Loyalty Points
  • Lv80 Unidentified Formulas
  • Lv70 Legendary Enchantment Boxes

The World Boss Facemask Lucky Pack will remain in-game for a while, though the vouchers are not receivable any more. If you still have a World Boss Facemask Voucher, don't forget to redeem the Facemask Lucky Pack soon!

Please note: The Lucky Packs are missing their names currently, but they work as intended!

Known Issues

  • The server time has changed due to new location of the servers. The PvP schedule etc. will be adjusted.
  • Starting the launcher for the first time after the virtualization causes a false "Maintenance" pop-up to appear. Restarting the launcher will solve this issue. If however you use Steam: open AK's folder, open the file 'connect.ini' and change the IP to: (Example: Server=,6545)
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