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Author's Note

This is my entry for the Fall Fan Fiction event. Mostly posting it here so my friend can read it. You know who you are!


Crescent Hills Navea Outer District2.png

Standing on in front of the ascending stairs that led to the united city of culture and trade, I sighed over the miracle that led me this far. Autumn, my favorite season, displayed the perfection of my long-lived dream of entering Navea. The sight of the great walls enveloped by the spectrum of vermilion made me realize why religions were born here.

Brushing against the tranquility, a gentle breeze stirred the silent leaves, setting them aflutter in the wind's whispering tone in the crisp, glowing evening. In the contrast between red and blue, the dry maple leaves set afoot longed for reincarnation of the heavens. If only…

If I fell, slowly fluttering down with the world obscured, my flame unmarked, will I ever be able to soar in the skies like I wished for?

I let out a dry laugh. Wasn't that something I was doing at this very moment?

If only the grass was greener, I'd be rejoicing over the perfection. But it was anything but perfect, because a monster whose hands were tainted in blood only deserved a divine punishment.

A divine punishment. With the burden of fear piling over my shoulders, the overwhelming pressure keeps me over the edge. Any day, I'll succumb into darkness and become a real monster, a bloodthirsty fiend who'll slay even the dearest.

Autumn isn't perfection either, with the decaying leaves getting trampled. They fade into oblivion and lose their colors, knowing the fact that they'll only be perished in the end.

And yet, they continue to believe in tomorrow, wishing for it, and bringing it forth with all their might.

Mana… Where are you? How could you still hold that flame ablaze? If this path will lead me to you, then I'm willing to burn myself in the bed of leaves.

Author's Rant

Since the story itself is confusing, I'll clear up some things:

  • Autumn symbolizes death in the circle of life.
  • An Envoy can succumb into darkness if they thirst after power and becomes desperate. The protagonist fears about it here.
  • Mana is his little sister who he's looking for. They got seperated when their hometown got burned down because of war. Yes, they're my OCs, so it didn't surprise me when my friend said my entry was confusing lol.