New patch got released yesterday! Like most patches, there are a bunch of new content! Here's the link to the official patch notes.

New Eidolon


Previously known as Freyja, Harmonia is now officially released in the game! Head over to her page for more info.

New Instances

Vault of Eternity

  • After reaching Level 80, players will receive a quest [Lv. 80 Time Library] which will take them to the new instance, home to Eternia.
  • Watch out! This dungeon’s difficult!
  • 1 entry every 24 hours, starting at 6am
  • 6 Stages, each with greater stat reduction upon players.
  • After completion, players have a chance to receive a LV.80 Gold Attack Mastery book, a Lv.80 *Unidentified Skill Mastery Book, or a third item, which you can collect enough of to obtain a Lv.80 Gold Skill Mastery with 20000 dragon points.
  • You may also come across Eternia’s Key Fragments!
  • Orange costumes too!
  • Released a new Grand Achievement Medal for the instance.

I totally didn't ctrl + v it kappa

Gaia's Sanctuary - Trial (Solo)

Located in Crescent Hill, it's basically Gaia's Sanctuary but in solo mode. The level limit is 75+ and you can only enter once, starting at 6 am. There's a chance to drop Eidolon Fragments and Evolutionary Beads, so I bet it's worth doing!

New Features

Navea Farm

The first new feature is Navea Farm, a part of the Housing system! You can find it on the little housing skillbar, iconed as a pond. You can talk to Anglers Anonymous Agent Nidal to learn about the brand new fishing mechanics.

  • Players can fish a limited number of new fish each day, which you can open to acquire various items including crafting materials for furniture
  • Players can breed various orange fish
  • Fishing each fish has a chance to give you a respective fry
  • The player will have ten chances to catch the fry before the spot disappears
  • More content to be added in a later patch

Fish Handbook

  • Players can check fishing progress and scores by opening the Inventory's Archive
  • Caught fish will have a weight and size determined by the handbook and added to your score
  • Caught fish can be displayed in your house
  • Players can breed caught fish in the Fish Pool outside of the house
  • New furniture recipes added to the Housing NPC Merchant
  • Base maximum furniture in the house increased from 200 pts to 400 pts

Super neat, I have to say. You can even preview them!

Fish Breeding

  • Players can buy specific breeds of fish hatchlings from an in-game NPC
  • Fish Kings are breedable, too!
  • Bred Fish Kings will have 3 chances to be caught
  • Players can give up on breedings and start new ones
  • Fish King Fry packs have a high chance to give players of a breeding-exclusive Fish King! (bait can be found in the exclusive orange fish found in Navea Farm, also sold by the new fishing merchant)
  • New Mount available through fish breeding the new Fish King, within the Adventure Encyclopedia

Weapon Appearance Transfer

This system allows you to convert in-game weapons as costume weapons! It's actually a consumable item and the effects of the finishing products depends on how much you've fortified it.

So what are the criterias?

  • +20 or higher forted weapons only
  • +20-24 yields a green quality costume item
  • +25-30 yields an orange quality costume item
  • The original weapon will be consumed on use
  • Stat bonuses etc. will be lost. A random costume weapon stat will be applied


Sky Tower and Sky Realm

Sky Tower:

  • 3F: Lowered the required amount of "Essence of Forest"
  • 26F: Adjusted the amount of objects and respawn speed of Trees and Energy Ore
  • 31F: Lowered the required amount of "Souls"

Sky Realm:

  • 1F: Lowered the required amount of "Stoneguard Souls"
  • 2F: Lowered the required amount of "Beef, Eggs, and Corn"
  • 3F: Lowered the required amount of "Fragile Memory" and "Dream Fragments"


Adventure Encyclopedia to be more precise.

  • Lv50-Lv75 gears dragon points costs reduced
  • Lv65-Lv75 Golden gears and Lv70 purple PVP gears can now be claimed
  • LV70 gears and weapon enchantment packs can now be claimed

Adjustment and Optimization

Other minor fixes and stuff.

Known Issues

We need a crying smiley Emoticon-cry

  • The Star Evolution System currently can't be used in the Guild Hall. It is still active in Navea.
  • The Message Board in your house was causing players to crash when certain conditions were met. It is temporarily not possible to use the message system. The board itself remains visible.

There should be a fix for these two issues by next week.

  • On the French version few players have been crashing when joining a PvP map.

If you experience this crash, please contact a GS and forward your crash log. X-Legend needs this information to find the cause of this 'random' issue.

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