Another month, another producer letter. Apologies that we haven't posted the previous ones, but here it is! As usual, here's the official statement.

Not much this month, but here's a TL DR anyway:

  • The restart bug on world bosses is being worked on, but may take a while.
  • They're still working on the PvP Level Brackets.
  • The wedding system (aka Guardian Knight Lv6+) has been released (you can read the details on it here).
  • Ticket support has now been improved, but expect some delayment as they're just getting back on their feet.
  • Dragon Mounts can now be obtained from Dragon Mount Mystery Boxes in the Webmall.
  • The team is expecting a new team challenge from us! Go to the official statement to suggest a challenge if you want. You can watch last month's challenge here.
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