Author's Note

Entry for the Tyr's Romantic Story event. The 200 word limit was killing me lol.

Tyr's Romantic Story: Pocky Game


“Hey Ayako… you’re not here to bite my arm again right?”

“Of course not! Not today, at least,” Ayako said sheepishly. “But anyway, guess what Diao Chan gave me?”

Tyr shook his head. Since it was Ayako he was dealing with, he couldn’t possibly decline. Besides, it was probably something food-related, knowing the glutton.

And right he was. On the front of the box she held out, the package seemed to depict some sort of snack. Sticks coated in chocolate, he assumed, and in large, bold text “Gaia’s Pocky” was written.

“Is it a new snack?” he asked.

“Yup! Diao Chan said that today you have to celebrate by sharing it with your friend!”

“Well, that sounds nice. Why don’t we share one right now?”

“Hurray! Now…” lightly biting one in her mouth and pointing it forward, she leaned in closer to Tyr. “Go ahead and bite on the other end!”

“Wh-wh-what?!” flabbergasted, Tyr blushed furiously over the sudden intimacy. “A-A-Ayako–“

Losing his balance, Tyr fell on his back with Ayako on top, insistently trying to navigate the stick to his mouth. In the distance, Hansel and Gretel stared at them with interest with their sunglasses on.

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