That's right! The Feb. 2016 patch notes are out! If you'd like, you can see them here (and the new weapons can be viewed here). However, I'm also gonna be putting the notes up on this blog post. Emoticon-smile

The patch is currently scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 24. So let's hope it doesn't get delayed!


Level Cap Increase

The character level cap is being raised to 90 and the public level display of "??" will activate at level 76 instead of 71. Also, the level cap of Eidolons is being raised to 80.

New Maps

We're getting two new maps that become available after reaching level 75 and completing all of the main quests from Port Skandia and Candetonn Hill. They are called Viridian Steppe and Desolate Valley.

Viridian Steppe

This area includes new Main Quests, NPC conversations, Oddity quests, and Daily Quests. It also includes new food items (and their ingredients) with effects increasing DMG, CRIT, CRIT Rate, HP, Crit DMG, EVA, and Max HP. Last but not least, there is also a new Fish King that will spawn on Saturdays and Sundays, and a new Archaeology area that will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Desolate Valley

This area features almost all of the same new content as Viridian Steppe. However, The food items give bonuses such as DMG, HP, DMG to auto-attacks, DEF, EVA, EXP gained, and a decrease to Damage Taken. Also, the Fish King for this area will spawn on Mondays and Sundays, and the Archaeology area will be available on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

New Fame Quests

We're also getting a total of 16 new Fame Quests to help with leveling!

There's also a new Holy Sword main quest (Level 75 and above) that lets you follow the story of the Holy Sword purging evil from Azuria. At the moment, it is unclear whether this quest will be available for everyone or only for characters with the Holy Sword class.

New Dungeons

We're getting 3 new dungeons! Avarice Abyss, Twilight Forest, and Otherworld: Emerald Marsh!

Avarice Abyss

You must be level 75 or higher to enter this dungeon. It includes a solo and party mode (much like Infernal Abyss and Whirlpool Abyss) that each have 1 entry that resets every 8 hours. Some of the possible drops include Ghodroon's Key Fragments and Advanced Weapon Enchantments.

Twilight Forest

Again, you must be level 75 or higher to enter this dungeon. It includes a solo mode (with 2 entries) and a party mode (with 3 entries). Of which, 1 of each type of entry resets every 2 hours. (NOTE: It is currently unclear whether there is a Hell mode for this dungeon.) Possible drops include Gold-Quality Level 85 Trophies, Mysterious Level 80 Armor Formulas, and Advanced Armor Enchantments.

Otherworld: Emerald Marsh

You guessed it, level requirement is 75 or higher. Emoticon-drool It includes a Solo and Party mode that each have 1 entry that resets every 3 hours. Possible drops include Accessory Upgrade Scrolls and Mysterious Level 80 Accessory Formulas.


We're getting one brand new Eidolon, Ghodroon, and four new 3-Star Eidos!


Ghodroon resembles Vayu and/or Evil Dragon Gram, but with a red color scheme. He will have up to a 2-Star buff, with 1-Star being +15% DMG against Dark Targets and 2-Star being -5% Damage Taken.

New 3-Stars


3-Star buff will be Crit Damage suffered -100%, making the total bonus +15% DMG against Storm Targets and Crit Damage suffered -150%.


3-Star buff will be Crit Damage +40%, making the total bonus 5% chance of a double attack and Crit Damage +60%.


3-Star buff will be +20% Max HP, making the total bonus Chance of suffering a Critical Hit -25% and +30% Max HP.


3-Star buff will be 10% chance of dealing 50% extra damage, making the total bonus +15% DMG against Holy Targets and 15% chance of dealing 50% extra damage.

Raid Updates

Sky Tower

We'll be getting a new boss for the 30th Floor, named Scarecrow. He's a puppetmaster with a scythe. It's currently unclear what kind of skills he possesses or what kind of drops his chest will give (if he even has one).

Sky Realm

Floors 3 and 4 of Sky Realm have been added, and the time limit for completion has been increased from 30 mins to 50min.

Floor 3 - Grief

In this floor, you can explore more of Hel and Gramm's story. Possible drops include Gold-Quality lvl 85 Trophies/Equipment, Maja's Key Fragments, Hel's Key Fragment, Eidolon Accessories (most likely for Hel or Maja), and new back costume items Hel's Wings (can be green or orange quality).

Floor 4 - Destiny

It is currently unclear what the story for this floor is, and most of the drops are the same. However, instead of the Hel's Wings back costumes, it will be Scheel's Scythe (green quality weapon costume) and Scheel's Nightmare Scythe (orange quality weapon costume).


Level 70 Gear

  • Weapon formula costs decreased from 500g to 168g
  • Crafting costs reduced by 50%-75% for all level 70 items
  • Crafting points acquired for ranking by crafting level 70 items are reduced
  • Level 70 Orange Weapons - Recipes can be purchased from Analisa in Navea, or Keith in the Guild Hall.
  • Level 70 Orange Armor - Recipes can be purchased from the Adventure Encyclopedia for 30,000 Dragon Points.
  • Level 75 Gold Weapons - Can be purchased from the Adventure Encyclopedia for 129,600 Dragon Points.
  • Level 75 Gold Armor - Can be purchased from the Adventure Encyclopedia for 50,000 Dragon Points.

Level 80 and 85 Gear

  • Crafting costs for level 80 items are the same as the level 70 costs used to be
  • Mysterious Level 80 Armor Formulas drop in Twilight Forest
  • Mysterious Level 80 Accessory Formulas drop in Otherworld: Emerald Marsh
  • Level 85 Trophies will drop in Twilight Forest and Sky Realm Floor 3 and 4
  • Level 85 Top-Armor will Drop in Sky Ream Floor 4
  • Level 85 Bottom-Armor will drop in Sky Tower Floor 30
  • Level 80 Weapon recipes will most likely be purchasable from Analisa or Keith
  • All of level 80 gear will most likely use new materials from the new maps/dungeons

PvP Channel

After reaching level 40, it will be possible to fight people (aka bots) without sending a duel request. Emoticon-evil

  • PvP Channels will be Channel 6 on Chimera and Channel 8 on Phoenix
  • The duels can only happen outside of a safety zone. Meaning, no town, dungeon entrance, or fishing spot PvP kills
  • All maps will be split into 3 categories:
    • Green - No open PvP (it may still be possible to duel with the request)
    • Yellow - Restricted PvP - you must be in the map's level range in order to participate in open PvP
    • Red - LIMITLESS MASSACRE Emoticon-evil
  • It will also be possible to make adjustments so that you don't accidentally attack guildmates or party members
  • Kills in the PvP channel do not count towards the Lethal Medal

Other Features

Gear Crafting

  • Gaia Fragment cap has been increased from 9,999 to 30,000

Adventure Encyclopedia

  • New Items
  • Lowered prices for certain items

New Currency: Golden Dragonpoints

  • Will allow the purchase of new items in the Encyclopedia
  • Obtained from fighting bosses in the new content
  • Can also be obtained by converting normal dragon points (rate currently unknown)
  • Golden Dragon Points do not count towards the Monthly DP Reward

Chat UI will no longer clear itself after a channel switch

  • Chat history and whisper list will be preserved (hopefully)

Free Character Salon

  • Located in the character window (hotkey 'C')
  • Must be level 30
  • Can only reset every 10 minutes
  • Cannot be used while in combat or doing a profession (refining, aka fishing, archaeology, and cooking)
  • Character Salons and Salon Makeover Tools will be replaced (currently unclear what they will be replaced with)

Stat Adjustments

  • Overcapped DEF will convert to HP
  • Overcapped SPD will convert to a chance to make a double strike
    • Ex: With 58% SPD (max is 50%) you get 8% chance of zeal proc
    • Bonus Damage is 50%
  • You can see the bonus amounts by hovering your cursor over DEF/SPD stats

Green fishing optimized

  • Fishing tools formerly obtained from green-quality fish wil not be sorted into tool boxes to simplify the process (meaning when you go afk fishing, you don't have to spend an hour opening your green fish and then selling the fishing gear they drop)

Item Mall Shared Bank

  • Fix for some items that were previously unable to be deposited
  • Treasure Charms
  • Lucky Card
  • Access cards (bank, grocery, etc.)
  • Weapon/Armor/Accessory fortification scrolls
  • Blessing scrolls
  • Others

Season Quests

  • Valentines Day Event added
  • Halloween and Christmas events removed (no more santa/snowman buff Emoticon-cry)

Item Mall

  • Gifting system is upgraded: You can now send up to 20 of an item to other players
  • Many new items added; including costumes and mounts
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